19 July 2006

Five different things

A while ago someone tagged me for that five things meme. You know, five things in your purse, in your fridge. I never did it because I never cared enough to read anyone's. I don't care even care what is in my OWN purse. So I made up my own five things.

My five things meme

Five things you have but you do not want
1) Scraggly lawn
2) Crack in my car windshield
3) 50 extra pounds
4) Arthritis
5) A 30-minute one way drive to work

Five things you want but you do not have
1) Peace of mind
2) A job that uses all my skills
3) My own home
4) An intimate relationship
5) Pain free body

Five things you would like to know more about
1) Permaculture
2) Spanish
3) Scuba diving
4) Photography
5) Playing an instrument

Five important lessons you have learned
1) Tell the truth
2) Be kind
3) Take opportunities to have fun
4) Be where you are
5) It's not all about you

Five of your favorite memories
1) Lunch with Laura and Marius at the Herb Garden in Ojai where everything glowed and was magical
2) Stuck in traffic on Conejo Grade with Laura singing "Freeway of Love"
3) Flying up and down waves on the front of a catamaran in Kauai
4) A magnificently pink sunset on a 727 flying back from Montana above the Rockies and below the clouds with my mom
5) Graduating from college

Five things you are looking forward to
1) Getting interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air
2) Crossing the equator for the first time
3) Dining at the French Laundry
4) Visiting Spain, France, Italy, Africa, Mexico, CentroAmerica (is that more than 1?)
5) Snorkeling with dolphins

Five things you would like to forget
1) Being such an ass to my best friends Gael and Curt when they fell in love
2) Telling my mom that she hadn't done anything with her life
3) Hurting my back and those months of agony
4) Those tormenting bitches in high school
5) Dating Mark even if it was only for a month

Consider yourself tagged if you want to be and if you have time. This is a low-pressure assignment.


Anonymous said...

This is a really great one. I feel like I just learned so much about you.

By the way, I'm a scuba diver, so if you're interested we can talk next week :o)

super des said...

This does take a long time. Interesting though.

Minnesota Nice said...

The tormenting bitches of my HS days are all careerless suburban mothers of ADHD kids whose names all start with "J" now...aren't you glad you weren't one of them, I sure am.

Major Bedhead said...

You're seriously going to be interviewed by Terry Gross??! How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

I believe the statute of limitations is 7 years in this state. I made your bran muffins this morning and thought of you and smiled. Let's all forget.

You will leave Terry Gross stunned and breathless.
Love you and miss you.

Anonymous said...

wow, seriously, terry gross and fresh air? sweet.

permaculture = ? Guess I should go google.

SUEB0B said...

Empress made me cry. Aw. Thanks, dear.

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