22 August 2006

August 22

A photo from Ventura photographer Amery Carlson (he is on Flickr) for Queen of Spain.

...and suddenly, the feel of summer was gone from the air. Just like that.

Has it happened where you are?

The world's ugliest shoes, the world's most emasculating sweaters and scary scary stuff over at Linkateria today.


super des said...

It's still muggy here, if that's what you mean. But people are starting school. That's always the end, no matter what the weather.

Holly Capote said...

I'm feeling it here. It's cool at night and in the morning.

ToastedSuzy said...

I think the heat of summer is going to stick around here until late October. Then the icy, snowless winds will begin to whip down the plains and I will hate life in an entirely different way.

In the meantime, I'm teaching freshman comp in cut-offs and strappy shirts and I don't care who knows it!

Queen of Spain said...

that is the coolest

Queen of Spain said...

that is the coolest

Holly Capote said...

Hey, Suebob, I'm not asking you to do my research, but you seem like the sorta chick might know who said, "Just connect."

I used the standard search engines and couldn't find it.

Do ya? If you don't, don't search, otherwise I'll have to put you on payroll.

Mir said...

There is a definite feeling of Fall in the air. Which makes me a bit sad.

On the other hand, HALLELUJAH for darkness at (the children's) bedtime. ;)

TB said...

Nope. And it won't be happening anytime soon. And I couldn't be happier :o)

Meg said...

It's warmish, but cooler at night. Which is like HEAVEN. And I'll get my fill of sun when I am in CA in Sept.

SUEB0B said...

Holly - if you haven't found it yet, email me - snackishblog@yahoo.com

Holly Capote said...

About to email you!

SUEB0B said...

Des - muggy. Wow. It is coolish here, warm in the afternoons. But it feels like SUMMER IS OVER.

Suzy - snow terrifies me.

Queen - I was hoping you would like it.

Mir - me, too. I like to sleep when it is dark.

Tammie - well, FLA.

Meg - stop by. I would love to meet you in person. Though CA is kind of a big state, so "close" is relative here.

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