10 August 2006

Holy explosive device, Batman!

As usual, there is new, fabulous and interesting stuff at Linkateria, including a woman who smells like dead fish. You don't get that just anywhere. (Though the post is written and posted, blogger doesn't seem to be updating. If you are desperate, click the August 2006 link in the archive section of the sidebar.)

I have spent the past week over at Mr. Stapler's. No, we're not married. No, we don't live together. But he lets me stay over there whenever I want. He is nice that way.

This week I wanted to be there for my dear dog Goldie's sake. She hates fireworks of any sort and the county fair is on for 10 days, featuring fireworks at 10 pm every single freaking night. We live 1/2 mile from the fairgrounds. I didn't know if she could survive the nightly assault, since during the fourth of July leadup and aftermath she would not eat, sleep or urinate for 8 hours after the Explosive Amateur Hour around here every night.

So like gypsies, we packed up and moved. Tonight, with three days left of the fair, I missed my house and came home and brought her with me. But then at the last minute I left her at my parents' house, 7 miles away.

Thank Goddess. The assault just began and it is scaring ME. It is so incredibly loud. Bombs bursting in air and all that. During this time of war, I can't help but have new compassion for the people in Lebanon and Israel, who have real bombs falling on them.

I went out and stood in the driveway with Gorgeous Neighbor Leah the Surfer Girl. We oohed and aahed. I said a prayer for those living in the war zone. And then, for us, it was over.

God you're so depressing.
What is wrong with you?
Why do you WRITE stuff like this?
It was just some nice FIREWORKS fer chrissake.
What makes you think people want to read crap like this?
I thought you were supposed to be funny.
You never write anything funny anymore.
I'm worried about you.
Maybe you should get out more.
Maybe you should get mental help.
What is this stupid blog about anyway?
Why do you have to write so much?
Are you ever going to do anything with your life or are you just going to sit there in front of the computer?

Good night, voices.

Good night, Suebob


Mom101 said...

I so know what you mean - living in New York, every time we hear fireworks or low flying planes...well, you can imagine. It doesn't take much for your mind to go to more troubling times and places these days.

cameo said...

ignore those voices - it's worked well for you so far!
i like your thought!

Donna said...

Yeah, you keep writing just the way you always have, SueBob. I enjoy it!

Chase said...

Your voices and my voices need to hook up and have lunch sometime. I think they'd get along quite nicely. :)

gandhi rules said...

'Good night, voices.

Good night, Suebob'

It's your damn blog you write as you like. I love what you have to say.

Holly Capote said...

I like the serious shit. I also like to be a goof. And I like writers that range into goofiness and serious shit.

I am so with you on the bombs bursting in air. I can't look at them and see the pretty, pretty colors. They mimic weapons and that's what I always recall.

During a fireworks display, a homeless man approached me. His cheeks shone with tears and he said, "I hope you never see the real thing. I hope you never see the real thing."

As far as a woman that smells like a dead fish, from time to time, don't we all?

Holly Capote said...

Suebob, your "Are you ever going to do something with your life or are you going to just sit in front of the computer" comment haunts me. You're a writer. Sitting in front of a computer is your life. It might not be sexy, but that's a writer's reality. And doubting your self is a human's immutable reality.

roo said...

Suebob, those voices in your head don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Your thoughts, on the other hand, are honest and thoughtful, and I'm glad you share them.

Good night, Suebob!

SUEB0B said...

Thanks, everyone, for the support.

Shut up, voices.

jess said...

stop stealing my voices!

feel better soon, or happier, and sleep well.

leahpeah said...

i took the kids to the fair yesterday. we went early to avoid the scary people so we missed the fireworks. i don't like fireworks. i think you're writing rocks.

Izzy said...

Whenver some idiotard in my neighborhood is doing fireworks, my voices say that they wish that person would blow off a limb or two. Not sure what they'd say about the people at the fair but I'm betting it would be about the same.

Bad voices, very bad.

gingajoy said...

glad to know i am not the only one hearing voices like that--my head's been swarming with blog lately... and the whole terrorism thing... i think i am just repressing it all.

our dog is ok with the fireworks--our preschooler, not so much... makes for a lot of creative maneovering too.

Suzanne said...

Tell your voices that I am always happy to read anything you write, even as mundane as a grocery list. (I think even your grocery list would be chock full of great details and insight!)

crazymumma said...

We were zoomed by a fighter plane at teh cottage we rent. It was a 'hello' to the owner...
I practically crapped my undies, my baby cried for SO long, and I was shaking for an hour afterward. I cannot imagine how scary it must be to live with the REAL fear.

I think my voices make me interesting...we cannot be entertaining all the time...Anne

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