07 August 2006

Help indeed

My new favorite search term used to find this blog:

i shaved my crotch and now it itches what do do help

I love the "help" at the end. It sounds so sad and plaintive.

Any advice?

Finally, some new links over at Linkateria.


Elizabeth said...

"What do do" indeed. Which is why I say keep the razor away from the sensitive lady parts!

Chase said...

Poor Karl. He just wants help.

Lisa said...

That made me laugh out loud! Thanks. I needed it.

Poopydigs said...

Too funny. Someone once found my blog via "my boogers smell".

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

That's pretty funny!

My strangest one was KFC and Kangaroo Meat.

Chantal said...

Okay, not as hungry for KFC anymore (especially not in Australia!).

Advice? Moisturize and don't let it grow in? LOL

cameo said...

advice? don't shave the crotch!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Um. Cortisone?

How did they end up here?

kerri anne said...

Wax it! baby.

Or something!

I prefer to stay away from nether region advice. Just on principal, mostly.

; )

Mom101 said...

Well help her for goodness sake!

By the way suebob, I feel like I have been stalking your comments all over the internet this week. Everytime I go to say something -you have beat me to it, only pithier and more cleverly than I was going to. You don't mind if I just follow you around for the rest of my life going, "Yeah! What she said!" Do you?

SUEB0B said...

Elizabeth - yes, I have experience in this matter and you have the best idea.

Chase - snort! You funny.

Lisa - I live to entertain.

Poopy - I wonder if they could smell them INSIDE their nose. Weird. What did you post about that led them to you?

Tony - tastes like chicken!

Chantal - I am never hungry for KFC. But my mom ALWAYS wants to go there. Sigh.

Cameo - I agree, you know that.

Sarah - I once wrote a post about crotch waxing that started a whole "Crotch Wars" with me, Queen of Spain, Suzanne at CUSS and other rants, and a bunch of other people.

Kerri Anne - ouch. I am more an avoider than a waxer.

Mom 101 - that's the nicest thing anyone said all day. Because you KNOW I'd love to hang out with you.

Izzy said...

lol @ Chase!

I wish i had the answers for your itchy queryist but I have to concur with those before me and suggest they simply not ever do that again!

gandhi rules said...

Loofa helps

TB said...

Hee! I would suggest corn starch or some of that gold bond anti itch powder. What a predicament. All you can really do is wait for it to grow out. (I'm not speaking from experience or anything :o) )

SUEB0B said...

Izzy - once was enough for me, too.

Gandhi - a LOOFAH? You are a better/stronger woman than me.

TB - See my comment to Izzy

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