17 October 2006

Counting my blessings

Boob biopsy: done. Results in 2 days.

It wasn't bad, not nearly as bad as Jonniker made it sound, which I very much appreciate. I mean, it is better to go in expecting it to be pretty bad and getting mild discomfort than the other way around.

AND the Doc and Tech were just lovely people. They seemed to think the other radiologist doc was being a little overcautious in even ordering these tests...and I think they are right.

Goldie Dog: has an ugly drain installed in her head, but it will all be over in 5 days. And 2 kind souls in my life contributed to her vet care fund, so I will be able to eat AND have a healthy dog. Yay.

The next one you have to sit down for: my church wants me to consider being on the board of directors.

Obviously they want me to be on the board because of my saintly nature.

Shut up.

Quit laughing.

It's not THAT funny. Ok, I give up. It is.


Suzanne said...

Of course they want you on the Board of Directors. You'll be great.

Good luck with the biopsy results.

TB said...

I'm so relieved for you that it's over. To me the uncertainty of the procedure was the worst part.
Two days. I know it's ridiculous for me to tell you not to think about it, but try, okay?
Sending good vibes to you.

jonniker said...

AAH! I'm so glad. Yes, yes, I was of the "mild discomfort don't worry" variety, as you know, and due to what were, apparently, a set of unique circumstances, I contemplated death during mine. I am SO, so glad it was (relatively) easy! And I know it's going to be fine.

Ahh, nothing is better than nice doctors and a healthy dog. I'm so happy for you.

Heather B. said...

Maybe they want you because you'll bring in a new perspective..?


Ok, nevermind, commence with the laughter.

meno said...

Saint Suebob. It has a nice ring to it. :)

Lisa said...

Good luck with the biopsy.

And honestly, if you were on the board of directors for a church where I live, I'd become a member of that church asap. Cause I have no doubt that you'd make things very fun and interesting...

mothergoosemouse said...

So glad the biopsy wasn't as bad as expected and that Goldie is on the mend and your bank balance is in better shape than you thought it would be. Top Ramen really doesn't taste that bad, but it isn't healthy.

Speaking of unhealthy, did the Hell's Angels hook you up with a meth lab yet?

Mignon said...

Glad the boob-opsy is done. It can't have been fun waiting for that to happen.

My husband was hand-picked to be on the board for our Neighborhood Association (read: Gestapo). We found out later that the president was a very normal guy and just wanted to have more normal, reasonable people on the board, rather than the usual nosy/militant/anal people. Perhaps there are people on your church board that want the same diversity of thought. Sounds like a nice endorsement to me.

super des said...

Well I can't say anything new, so I'll just repeat:
Glad everything's working out.

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