21 October 2006

Helpful Hint

TB, one of my blogging friends wrote a heartfelt post about one of the most difficult decisions she has ever made - getting an abortion at an early age - and the repercussions she still feels from it. She opened herself up and put her heart out there.

Some dorkwipe commenter posted that she shouldn't have made the decision she did and told her what she should have done (20 years ago) instead.
My wife and I adopted 2 children
It is not good for someone to kill a child befor they have a chance
you could have let a couple who cannot have kids adopt

As I wrote in the comments, my friend John has a response to this kind of idiot advice, the advice you get AFTER the fact and that you didn't ask for anyway.

He holds out one empty hand as if he is holding a notebook. He holds the other empty hand as if he is writing with a pen.

Then in his most sarcastic voice, he says "Oh, that's a good one. Let me get out my Air Book and write that down so I never forget it."


Anonymous said...

I know the post and the comment, and although I believe in free speech and all that, sometimes I wish commenters who don't have anything nice to say just wouldn't say anything at all.

giddybug said...

I don't know the post or the comment, but I find myself agreeing with Elizabeth. Freedom of speech does not mean one should not use one's manners.

I do like the Air Notebook response, though — useful in the face of such unthoughtful, ungracious behavior.

super des said...

I like the air notebook thing. It'ss good for those people that don't have frying pans to smack the guy with.

Anonymous said...

So unhelpful and so hurtful. I mean, what was his fucking point anyway?

Sorry. Still pissed on our mutual friend's behalf.

j.sterling said...

no clue what any of this is about, but some people are just asswipes. hindsight is 20/20 and it's SUPER EASY to have an opinion on things when it isn't you who is going through it

meno said...

I like John.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SueBob. That was my first troll and ironically, not even on my own blog. I responded to his comment via e-mail and called him out for being uncompassionate and closed-minded. Of course I never heard another word from him.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. And I love the air notebook idea.
That post was incredibly difficult to write, but I feel so much better getting the feeling off of my chest. This is why I love blogging.

Suzanne said...

Air Notebook is brilliant. I will use it often. And I am glad that TB is so brave.

Mignon said...

This is a tough one, though, you know? People don't think clearly and rationally about this issue and typically give their knee-jerk response when confronted with an opposing viewpoint. However, his sentiment was thrown out in the wrong forum and was insensitive and lacked compassion. But do extremists on either side always exercise these qualities?

I guess I'm saying while I completely agree that his comment was uncalled for and troll-ish, it wasn't unexpected. In fact, I'm surprised there weren't more like it. I loved the response you and others gave to him, including the fact that he was, for the most part, ignored and people instead focused on Tammie's words.

Anonymous said...

The Airbook comeback is good. I may have to borrow that one!

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