18 November 2006

What are the odds?

You won't believe this, but my email says I won both the British Lottery AND the Canadian Lottery. Both! In one week! I can't even remember buying a ticket.


I'm off to quit my job and buy round-the-world tickets on the QEII.

Woo hoo.


MrsFortune said...

Haha ... well, once you get the money, make sure you wire your bank account information to that Nigerian expatriate so he can get you the other money you are owed. Also make sure to get in touch with the executor of John Hill's will, because you are listed as his next of kin and there's a pile of loot for you there, as well.

Then buy me some stuff. :0)

Perstephone said...

I won the British Lottery just last month and it was quite the experience. It was all so unexpected considering that I had never intended to participate in the first place. I'm planning on putting all of my winnings into making a fourth Austin Powers movie. Yeah, Baby!

Anonymous said...

I'm not impressed. The Honorable Edward B. Mugaffo III wrote to me needing me to transfer funds. It's a complicated story about Africa, his wife's illness, and millions of pounds in a British bank. He just needed my bank account number. Being a savvy sort, I sent him the numbers. He'll soon be transferring wealth to me. Now you can all be JUST SO jealous of me!!!!!

Then I sent in for a cream that guarantees me a bigger penis. Since I have no penis, I'm naturally curious about how this is going to work, but I'm not worried. The cream is guaranteed after all. However, I just got an overdraft notice from my bank, which is weird, for I had plenty of money in my account, so the cream might not arrive. However, once the money arrives from England, my cream will arrive and I'll see how it feels to write my name in the snow with pee. I once tried this sans penis and my name looked like an ameoba drawn by Picasso.

Was that too much info?

super des said...

I always win the South African lottery. We're a couple of lucky gals.

Girlplustwo said...

oh my god...I WON TOO! I got the same emails.

we should go togther to collect.

Janet Evening said...

If the Sims game people get their way and the Visa folks agreed, then what? Your cyberspace self is going to the track on Who's dime?

Lisa said...

Hey Suebob. Congrats. And by the way... Can I get a loan?

Peevish said...

The best luck I've ever had was the worst luck I've ever had. I'd be money ahead right now if I never went to college and took up a trade.

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