12 January 2007

California gripped by fear and panic

Hold on to your hats! Temperatures are supposed to get down into the high 20's tonight! It is all they can talk about on the news.

We may have to sleep with OUR WINDOWS CLOSED! This is serious, people. But weep not for us - we shall pull through somehow.


Chase said...


I hope you all survive. Stay strong.

super des said...

Hey! Pass some of that cold New York way! Everyone's getting cold but us. *pout*

Jessica said...

50 in RI today - almost 30 degrees higher than yesterday morning. Supposed to be mid to high forties until Wednesday, and then it's supposed to be frigid for one day, then back to high forties. My allergies are killing me.

Margie said...

Picked you up on Very Zen and noticed you were from CA too. I've read Amanda for close to two years and love her site. Yes, the twenties in the valley. Had to pic all our oranges off our tree. Such hardships we have in the golden state!

j a n said...

Crap. I might have to put on socks.

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