12 January 2007


Argh what is up with Bloglines??? Everything I have read is marked as unread so I go back and look at it again and think "Am I losing my mind? Because it seems like I read this already!" (It is my usual modus operandi to first assume I am losing my mind).

The worst one is a blogger who had a very rough patch a few months back. Her most heart-wrenching post from that time keeps popping up in the feed window, so I keep thinking "Oh no, not again!!" but it is the same post over and over and over.

I think I live in Groundhog Day.

*Da Ali G Show


Jessica said...

The same thing happens to me in Bloglines as well. Although, I don't know if it's Bloglines or Blogger (if the blog(s) that keep republishing are Blogger ones, that could be the issue). I find that ever since the move to BETA, when I publish a post it seems like random prior posts republish as well. This happens because I host my blogs on my server - and they would rather you didn't, I guess.

super des said...

I use google reader and that seems fine. Though sometimes I read the blogs before they're marked as new.

Laurabob said...

Bastard Groundhog!

misskrob said...

I've been having the same problem. Quite infuriating.

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