16 January 2007

The good old days

Bloglines is officially so screwed that it is like not having a feed reader at all. It marks as read things with new posts, while it drags up old old things over and over.

I give up. I am going to try the "export feeds" feature and go to google reader.

New confessions up at True Employee Confessions.


Lisa said...

I've got TEC linked and I've also given you a few confessions. Felt good to get them off of my chest.

Anonymous said...

I have both Bloglines and Google Reader, and I have to say GR is pretty cool. They have subscription clusters that you can get with one click, I have "celebrities" (Gawker, Defamer, Perez Hilton) and "Fun" (Daily Show Videos, The Onion, YouTube). I haven't had any problems with Bloglines, but I do recommend GR.

super des said...

I recommended GR before, and I still recommend it.

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

Heck, I'm not even using GR and I still recommend it.

meno said...

I've been using GR for about 2 months now. I really like it. If someone switches from blogger to new blogger, i will get the old posts showing up again. But that's about it.

By the way, yours is one of the 2 blogs that will not allow me to get a feed into GR. Think you could change that? Or did you already?

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