20 January 2007

My neighborhood

Farmer's Market is about 4 minutes away by car. On the way over this morning, I saw:

- A shopping-cart lady who had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to cut her hair. She was just standing in the middle of the walk as if she had paused to catch her breath, but she took a small pair of scissors, held up some hair, and cut about an inch off. Repeat.

- A couple staggering around in the middle of the street, fighting. The man looked like he was going to hit the woman, but finally he stopped, took something out of his pocket, and gave it to her. She examined it closely and then walked off.

- Three little kids laughing and wheeling a 5-gallon bottle full of water in a baby stroller.

- A truck with the words "Metal Mulisha" stencilled on the back about a foot high. The s in "mulisha" was in the style of a Nazi SS letter.

I bought turnips AND brussels sprouts AND kohlrabi. One cannot say that I am not a friend of the cruciferous vegetable. Also got a bunch of citrus, in loving memory, since the new crop got mostly killed by the cold weather over the past week.


Debz Shotz said...

You even make a grocery list sound interesting.....i just love you.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Please do enjoy the citrus on behalf of all of us. I just looked at it longingly when I was in the store yesterday. By the time it gets trucked to the middle of the country and everybody gets their cut, it is simply out of reach for a whole lot of us. And sad to say, as people were avoiding it, the produce manager was culling out the stuff that was rotting for lack of enough buyers with deep pockets. How pathetic is that?

Christina said...

You have an interesting neighborhood, to say the least.

Ah yes, the poor citrus crop. They've already started raising the prices here in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I hope what the staggering man handed the woman was his car keys.

"Mulisha"? Oooh, scary.

Brandon said...

We were downtown later in the day after the farmer's market. I'm pretty sure that I saw the bag lady you are talking about and I always see the Metal Mulisha truck around. I'm starting to understand why they call it Ventucky.

super des said...

I miss farmer's markets. Sure, we have 'em in NYC, but the produce isn't nearly as good. But the weird people sightings are higher.

QT said...

No farmer's market around here for several months. Sounds like you have way more interesting attendees than I do around here!

Anonymous said...

I miss living in a neighborhood where you never know what you might see (and not being weirded out by it). Thanks for the glimpse!

Anonymous said...

I know it is not funny, but I cannot stop laughing at "Mulisha." Ah, the future of America.

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