30 January 2007

Happy Birthday to yooouuuuu

Today's is Elizabeth of Table for Five's 40th birthday. She is taking it pretty well, as far as I can tell.

Elizabeth was my roomie at BlogHer last year and is a mom of 3, as well as a friend and cheerleader for everyone in this corner of the Blogiverse (you know, the fun, cool corner).

She's hoping for 40 comments for her 40th, so stop by and wish her a happy day.


Laurabob said...

Can't I say anything to you?

Elizabeth said...

Suebob, you sweetheart, thank you so much for doing this. I got a lot of traffic from this post, and 117 comments yesterday! It definitely helped ease the "pain" of turning 40.

*Smooch* You're a peach!

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