02 February 2007

The Saturday Whine

I got a jury duty summons. Right. You go, do your one day stint, come home for dinner. And it's not like I don't want to do it. I am one of those crazy Pollyannas who think it is actually my civic duty to make sure people get a fair trial with a jury of their peers. A cornerstone of democracy. Silly stuff like that.

But it isn't an ordinary jury summons. It's a federal jury summons.

The federal court is 65 miles away through some of the hairiest, slowest, most maddening, pull-me-through-a-knothole traffic on earth. Los Angeles Federal Court, building, baby, right in the heart of it, where brave men fear to tread. Or drive. Whatever.

We report at 7:45 a.m.

If I lived 15 miles further, say, up in Mrs. Kennedy's neighborhood, the court would reimbursement $100 per night for a hotel. But since I am a mere 65 miles - about 3 hours in morning traffic, depending - away, I get NOTHING.

Thank you very much.

The best part? I am on call for 30 days. During a period that coincides exactly with my manager's husband undergoing a dangerous and difficult medical procedure that requires her absence. Did I mention I am #2 in charge? And that there are only 5 of us?

(banging head on table)

I am going to beg for a postponement at the very least so I don't give my manager a heart attack in addition to her husband's medical problems. And maybe move in with Mrs K for a while, so I can get the hotel reimbursement. Somebody warn her for me, willya?


super des said...

I've never had jury duty, and I'm glad.

My sister once served on a murder case. She was in a hotel for like 2 weeks.

Heather said...

Man that sucks! I swear I would claim attachment to the case somehow. Say you know the guy or something.

laura- chickens and cheerios said...

too funny!!
I just got the envelope this morning too!! For US District Circuit court. yipes!!

I don't think there is a prayer for me to get out of this one....

SUEB0B said...

Des - If I am on a trial for 2 weeks, I am checking into Checkers Downtown LA and swimming in the rooftop pool every night.

Heather - the problem with believing in the system is that I have to be honest and play by the rules LOL.

Laura - is it a conspiracy to keep us whackjob bloggers off the streets?

Maggie said...

This is funny, I just blogged my story of sitting on jury for a murder trial - the post went up a couple weeks ago I think, it was titled The Lies Will Get You in the End. Anyways, it was actually really interesting and only took about five days. Of course, I didn't live 65 miles away from the court in a city where driving 15 miles can take 45 minutes - I feel for you.

Laurabob said...

It sounds like blog fodder to me, Pollyanna!
(you knew I could silver line that cloud!)

lizgwiz said...

I don't see why they can't be a little more sensitive to the fact that potential jurors also have lives and responsibilities. It always seems so draconian. I've known a couple of people in managerial positions who managed to get excused because of their "importance" to their company, but also several non-managerial people without paid vacation who had to lose large chunks of income to serve--and that won't get you out of it. "Sorry, we don't care that you won't be able to pay your rent this month." There's got to be a better way. (And here it's not a day--it's 4 days, minimum.)

Elizabeth said...

My husband just got a jury summons for district court, which covers half the counties in lower Michigan and ALL of the Upper Peninsula. Theoretically, he could get assigned to a trial in any of those areas. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that neither of you have to serve.

Suzanne said...

I think you can usually reschedule under those circumstances.

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