11 February 2007

Try, try again

We went back to this place for dinner.

Waiter: Would you like something to drink?

Suebob, looking at menu that has fresh-squeezed lemonade listed: Lemonade

Waiter: We don't have lemonade.

Suebob: Hm, you're out?

Waiter: I could make you a mai-tai.

Suebob: Um, no.

Waiter: (after about a minute of silence) We have lemonade.

Suebob (screwing up face with puzzlement): Ok, yeah, right, then, lemonade.

On a scale of one to five, I would rate their service about a zero. The same waitress that was so helpful last time sat our food down and said "Will there be anything else?" and when we said "Silverware?" she said "Oh, silverWARE..." in a tone that suggested the idea was entirely new to her.

Next time: Taco Bell. Where we can get our own spork.


Mr Stapler said...

You left out the vegetarian egg roll story! We ordered some vegetarian egg rolls, prior to our friend joining us. They arrived about 15 minutes later, and they were the wrapped-in-uncooked wonton wrapper type. We try them. They are decidedly filled with pork!

But the story does not end there. About 3 minutes later, a second set of fried vegetarian spring rolls arrive. From where? How? Who is pulling the strings at this master puppet show? We cannot figure it out.

Also, they played the same Jack Johnson-ish CD over and over and over until Ms Stapler pleaded with the bartender to please provide us with something different.

And this was on a Sunday night, nearly no business in sleepy, sleepy Ventura.

Mir said...

Note to self: Do not go out to eat with Suebob.

(Seriously, did you guys step through a rift in the space-time continuum with that place? It's like a rejected Twilight Zone script!)

SUEB0B said...

Mir, I think you are very wise not to eat with me. I seem to be a crap service magnet. And I tip well, I swear!

super des said...

I hate that place and all places like it. I've gotten "vegetarian" food before with big hunks of pork in it. And it's not like they consider pork veggie - it's that they hand-pick the pork out and miss some.


Maggie said...

And I thought that last post about this place was a total joke. Why oh why would you go back? Are you a glutton for punishment?

lizgwiz said...

I had a lovely dinner last night myself--I made your squash enchiladas. Yummy!!!!

Of course, I did cause a major slowdown in the checkout line yesterday afternoon, since the cashier was unable to find a code for butternut squash. (Or for radishes.) WTF?

Lisa said...

That sucks. SOrry to hear that...

wordgirl said...

So...did they have lemonade or didn't they? I'm so confused! And that waiter is an asshole.

Mr Stapler said...

They did have lemonade. And it was not bad, if you like to find a couple of teaspoons of undiluted white sugar at the bottom of your glass.

Suzanne said...

If that is not an effective salesman, I don't know who is.

I had a very lovely dining experience with Suebob at BlogHer, so I can vouch for her. Maybe she just needs other dining karma to balance it out. Mir and Suebob, assuming you come to BlogHer, I am counting on going out with you both for Chicago pizza.

kerrianne said...

I love imaginary lemonade. It's my favorite. That, and eating with my hands.

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