13 March 2007

Suebobian, translated.

When I think something is truly good, I say "No way! That is fabulous."

When I am being polite or politely complimentary, I say "That's great." Unless I emphasize the "grrrrr" sound AND the "t" sound ("GrrrreaTTTTT" not so much Tony-the-Tiger as a very mad person with very good enunciation skillz). At that point, you should probably look for an exit.

When I say "Fine," it is most certainly NOT fine. It is merely a substitute for another four letter word that begins with f.

You should tread carefully from that moment on. Think of offering red wine or chocolate. It may be your only hope to get out alive.


super des said...

That's great. I mean fine. I mean fabulous.

Actually I'm kinda the same way. Something is either the Best Thing Ever or the Worst. No in between.

Mignon said...

Your fabulous is my awesome.
Your great is my cool.
Your fine is my fine. Or excellent, said with a nod of the head and pursed lips. I don't need the wine or chocolate, though. "The Person" better unload the dishwasher and put the kids to be though.

wayabetty said...

That's funny b/c my 6 y/o son has been saying "fine!" when he doesn't mean it at all. Hm, I wonder where he got that from?!

Anonymous said...

Your Great is my Fantastic (or FfffffffanTTTastiCCCK), usually said when Mike talks about his stupid job.

LittlePea said...

Your 'fine' is my 'nice'. Or just 'ok.' Sometimes a simple 'that's cool' will do.

Grreattt for me is awesome.

Now I'm confused about what we're talking about here...


Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to create my own translation. I will post it on the fridge. Where it can be easily accessed by those who need it most. Namely, those who need translation of "GET OUT OF MY WAY. MUST HAVE ICE CREAM."

You'd think that would be easily understood, but perhaps not.

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