04 March 2007

Now with even more yay

Sorry to pile on, but Yay for Internet access by the pool. My life is complete.

Wise Life Advice du jour: If you rent the car, spring for the GPS system for the extra $11 bucks a day. It may save your sanity and your relationship with your travel partner(s). It is so great to travel around everywhere without once yelling "I thought I said lEFT, you moron!"

Are you listening, Suzanne? (Suzanne, Husband and I had a long, convoluted car tour of some of the less scenic areas of San Jose last year at BlogHer.

With the help of the miraculous GPS, I unerringly drove the 16 miles or so to Unity of Phoenix and still had time for a Starbucks run before the service. The church was amazing. It looked like about 700 congregants, and I was at one of 3 morning services.

The boys are at the game and I am by the pool. I will order a pitcher of margaritas if you say you're coming over. Anyone?


super des said...

I could go for margaritas by the pool.

Suzanne said...

Ha ha ha. I hear ya. Oh yes, I hear ya. The good news is that I actually know where I am going in Chicago, so I promise that you will not have to ensure this again if you get in a car with me. Also, I think that you and my mom need to meet. She is good with directions, too.

Anonymous said...

I still think the GPS is for girlie men.

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