04 March 2007

Yay for wireless internet in your room

Yay for renting a big fat luxury SUV (an Infiniti FX35) with a decent sound system, especially since the soundtrack for the trips has been a $6.99 double CD of "Disco's Greatest Hits," so we really needed the big bass sound to do the sitting-down-driving dance to "Ring My Bell" and "Don't Leave Me This Way" as we drove the 100 miles south to Tucson.

Doug pitched 2 innings, gave up one run, and looked good in the Diamondbacks' new rust-colored jersey. The weather has been perfect and mild, though not mild enough to keep Jim from threatening to offer to smear sunscreen on the redheaded woman in front of us at the game.

We waited almost 2 hours for dinner at the Barrio Cafe. The food is so good that as soon as you taste it, you forgive them for not taking reservations and for being located in a neighborhood where scary-looking strangers hit you up for cash.

I had a roasted pepper soup and wild mushroom enchiladas, and yes, despite 22 years of vegetarianism even tasted the 12-hour roasted pork. The boys have been raving about it nonstop since the time we went to Barrio Cafe 3 years ago, so I HAD to.

Oh, and the guacamole - they toss on a handful of pomegranate seeds at the end when they make it, and I give that idea the big thumbs up. Crunchy and tangy and sweet goes so well with the smooth avocado...That food is so good that it makes you moan and bang on the table and think perhaps an orgasm is in order. Ok, almost.

I dreamt all night of having breast cancer. Stage 5 breast cancer, and since there are only 4 stages, I knew that was pretty bad. I said "Crap, I just got everything all figured out and now I'm dead." I woke up wondering "What did I have all figured out? And why can't I remember it now?"

Off to more Phoenician adventures. Hugs and kisses.


Lynn said...

Sounds like a trip to Phoenix is in order. With a definite stop at the Barrio Cafe.

Laurabob said...

Was it the flying or the magic?

Joan said...

If I'd only known about the Barrio Cafe during my one and only Phoenix trip a few years ago. I guess that means we now have an excuse for another trip back. Yum.

meno said...

I hate it when i dream about solving some problem and can't remember what was undoubtedly a brilliant solution when i wake up.

Glad the BC was just a dream.

Kvetch said...

I missed that you were hitting Tucson. I lived in Tucson for 2 years - married with kids. Its on my list to go back and just revisit someday. It's a long 100 dessert miles from Phoenix!

Elizabeth said...

What I want to know is, what did you think of the pork? Did you like it, or did it gross you out? Just curious.

Suzanne said...

Glad that you are having a good time.

SUEB0B said...

Elizabeth - the pork wasn't good enough to make me want to eat more. No, it wasn't as icky as I thought it might be. But I used to LOVE me some pork.

VenturaMom said...

Hubby is headed to Spring training later this week for a guys trip. I gave him the 411 on Barrio Cafe, so hopefully they will have at least one meal that doesn't include hot wings and pitchers of beer.

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