25 April 2007

Freaks and Geeks

I have been reading Dooce forever. She may have even been the first blog I ever read after journalism gossip blog Romenesko (which doesn't count because it was for work).

Dooce has said plenty of shocking things before, but today took the cake:
Never before has that house been so clean, and people, that house has seen some very clean days. Cleaning is the primary way I deal with stress...
Huh? What kind of mutant IS she? Doesn't she know that the proper way to deal with stress is to curl up on your bed with your blankie and some high-calorie snacks?

Cleaning? As a stress reliever? I can see going to the firing range or practicing judo holds before I can see cleaning as something that would relieve my stress. I just can't get over how weird I think that is.

Heather saying that was almost as shocking as my friend Stacy's college roommate Dave "Hotttt" Wilson saying that he got restless reading and just had to go out for a run to counteract the effects of being stuck inside with a book.

We tried to tell him "Reading is the REWARD. Exercise is the punishment!" but Dave claimed not to understand. Maybe his hatred of reading had something to do with his rock-hard abs, but we didn't ask. We were too busy staring.

My college friend Mike Cameron proved what a freak he was when he told me he would rather do calculus than write an essay. But Mike, writing an essay is like skipping happily down a garden path! And calculus is like...urk...calculus!

Cleaning. Exercising. Math problems. What is the world coming to? It is full of freaks, I tell you. Freaks.

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super des said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Who are these people??? I remember meeting people in college who's major was math. What do you mean, "math?" You're taking MORE than the bare minimum. Your nuts, lady!

I swear everyone is really jst like me (US - I think we're very similar) but they pretend to be different to get a rise out of us.

meno said...

I'm afraid that when i am anxious, i clean too. But not so much that my house shines, just enough to get it to "livable."

claire said...

i wish i lived with someone who relieved stress by cleaning the house. i might create extra stress myself just to get the job done well.

see, cause that is something i could totally take advantage of while i'm curled up on my bed with a blankie reading a book.

you understand.

ecogrrl said...

Neither CB nor I cleans for stress relief, which might have explained the roving packs of dust bunnies threatening to overtake the apartment (when we were still on the same continent). Besides, you can still read in a disorganized room.

mamatulip said...

I clean when I'm stressed, and when I'm angry, too.


jennster said...

LOL- poor dooce! when i'm stressed, i can't even remember what i do!!!!!! i think i eat and write down lists of shit that never ends and go crazy? but i definitel do not clean

Maggie said...

Ok here's how damn freaky I am. I love math. So much that I dreamed about it. I dreamed that I was in school again and I hated my classes so I told my husband, this is stupid. I'm going to do what I want, I'm taking math classes, I'm going to MIT. And I woke up happy.
Not that I'm any good at it anymore.

SUEB0B said...

I must admit that I am a bit jealous of people who clean when they are stressed. My house would be so nice!

Elizabeth said...

Whenever Heather posts a photo taken inside her house and has her comments open, someone ALWAYS asks how she keeps her wood floors so shiny, and she always answers "because I am a cleaning freak". So, you called it!

Oh, and I have a cousin who double-majored in college: Math, and CHEMISTRY, which is just MORE MATH!

sheryl said...

I'm afraid I also clean to handle stress. Or go for a hike.

Some of us just can't relax unless the body's in motion.

Tracey said...

I can relate to you on the cleaning. Wish I could turn my stress or depressed feelings into cleaning - but most of my stress is caused by my inability to get on top of the cleaning!

I have found that if I make myself go and do exercise I do feel better.. it's an endorphin thing(though the more down I feel the harder it is to make myself do it - so it doesn't always work.

I suppose whatever rocks your boat... but I'll personally never understand cleaning freaks!

(Just found you via the mutzie's spectacle collection! - we are neighbours there!)

christel said...

i am TOTALLY a stress cleaner. and a MAD cleaner too.

my ex-husband's joke about a clean house was calling me names before he left for work.

notice i did say EX.

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