27 April 2007

Hit the showers

Dear TB of Soul Gardening, Christina of A Mommy Story and Liz of Mom-101,

Good God, somebody mistakenly invited me to this big blogger baby shower for the three of y'all. I mean, I am capable of coming to a baby shower, but they also want me to give you the worst ASSvice I got before or during my having a baby and the best advice I have for you.

Uh oh. I don't have any. I forgot to have kids.

I guess my best piece of advice would have to be "Don't let Aunt Suebob watch the kids. Especially when she has been into the gin."

I'm serious. Despite my status as an Assistant Sunday School Teacher, I am hopelessly incompetent at watching children. The last time someone asked me to keep an eye on a toddler while the mother went to the restroom, the mother came out to find said toddler teetering at the top of a flight of stairs. Me? I had forgotten I was watching the kid in the 2 minutes it had taken the mom to go pee. Dang, those little monsters move fast!

But this is not about me. It is about you wonderful, crazy, honest, smart, funny women choosing to reproduce for a reason that is quite beyond me. I hope you enjoy it. I think you are some of the coolest parents I have ever met and I am glad it is people like you who are carrying humankind into the future. I trust you to do a great job.

There is a virtual baby shower going on over at Shower Me, Baby and everyone is invited. There are games and prizes and other stuff. I only wish we could do the virtual "How many squares of toilet paper does it take to go around the prospective mommy's belly" game somehow.

Check it out.

I believe that children are our future (our future Angels fans, that is). I have no idea who these cute guys are. They were sitting behind me at an Angels game and I just thought they were adorable.


Christina said...

It's OK, Suebob, I sometimes wonder why in the world I'm reproducing as well. :)

Besides, you don't have to be a mom to go to a baby shower. I went to a ton of them back when I thought babies were some sort of punishment on a person.

So, no asking you to babysit at BlogHer this year. Got it. Luckily I'm bringing the husband along to take care of that most of the time.

Nancy said...

"I forgot to have kids" -- snort.

I heart you, Suebob. Seriously.

Mom101 said...

Thank you Suebob! I would trust you to babysit any old time. Mostly because you sound exactly like me, prekids, and I haven't killed one yet...

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