19 April 2007

No, seriously

Not having a TV is the most excellent thing.

When I moved here 18 months ago, I did not bring a TV. I decided that I was too cheap to pay for cable and that I spent enough time on the internet that I didn't need another addiction...so I went cold turkey.

It has been a breeze, really. Don't miss it. I rented the Office and the Sopranos on DVD and haven't even had a Real World/Road Rules craving even once, despite my love for All Things Reality.

The times I appreciate it most are times like this week, when the real bad news hits. News about kids dying and parents left bereft and madmen and guns and "Why, God, why?"

It is so much easier to take in print and on the radio. I still get all the details, but it isn't so raw and in my face. And I didn't have to see those tapes the madman made and NBC aired. The madman knew they would, too, because he understood the news, at least.

I stop at my parents' house twice a day and it is playing in an endless loop, the madness.

The newscasters say "Tonight, more questions about why he did it and more on the continuing investigation."

I yell at the TV "He was MENTALLY ILL and now everyone is DEAD. End of story."

But I know they won't stop until every emotion is wrung from every pore. I worked in news. I was one of those idiots asking idiotic questions that everyone wants to hear but no one admits they want to hear.

If you want to be happy, if you want your family to be happier and saner, toss your TV. Or at least cancel the cable. I'm not joking. It sounds impossible, but it is easy and healthy and fun. And a side benefit is that you'll never have tape of a madman playing in your living room unless you decide that is what YOU want.


Lynn said...

I have a television, but other than American Idol, it has not been on this week. You are right, the television news is nothing more than sensationalism at it's worse. Why broadcast this evil man's rantings? What possible good can come of it? It is as if the news media is trying to incite people to "copy" what happened. I for one choose not to watch the media circus. Good for you for not having a T.V.

super des said...

my tv is used only for videogames and DVDs. Not broadcast tv. So I totally get what you're saying. I know there are videos and I know I don't want to watch them. If read a few newspaper articles on the subject, and that's plenty.

Izzy said...

I already boycott the news, as much as is possible in this media-saturated world, and I'd LOVE to toss my TV. Getting my history and science junkie husband on board, however, is another story.

I was just telling my husband yesterday that there's no need to keep "examining" all of the videotapes and writings of that Cho freak. We already know what we need to know... He was NOT SANE and we have pathetically weak handgun laws.

PS: I'm sorry I don't get over here that much lately. I use Google reader instead of my blogroll and I can't find a feed on your page. Waahhh!

totallyun-pc said...

my TV is Novacaine for the kids!

thepaperdoll said...

here here.
we'd all be such better people if we killed our tvs.
and don't even get me started on how much tv kids watch today.
sucks the imagination right out of them.
good for you.

claire said...

i hear you. they're milking it for all it is worth and they're going to keep showing that tape until someone else tries to get on the news with the same idea.

Maggie said...

we turned our cable off about 7 months ago. we watch dvd's. its been awesome. we spend more time reading. it encourages the kids to play more games. we play board games. and the best thing is - we don't have madmen or constant ads blaring at us. yup, we really love having it gone.

ecogrrl said...

We've been tv-less and/or cable-less for years, and it makes me so very happy. I can go to a friend's for Battlestar. Good enough for me.

Lisa said...

You know that's really funny. The only time our tv is turned on is when our son watches pbs kids. Or some disney movie.

I don't watch at all (except for The Office.) I'd rather be on line reading great blogs like yours.

(yeah we have no cable.)

Mignon said...

Suebob, you're the best. I complained about tv news sometime way back, but you said it perfectly. We haven't had cable in three years, and my occasional hankering for idiocy is filled quite nicely by occasional trips to the county fair and karaoke. (But we still get PBS and FOX, so I can't say I did it cold turkey. I'm not that kind of girl.)

Jessica said...

I probably wouldn't bother with cable if I didn't already have it for internet (because one thing I will never have again is dial-up, and DSL is a rip-off if you have access to cable internet).

But, if I'm honest, I have to say that I don't think I would like being without my TV. It's not even that I watch it a lot - I spend far more time online (which is its own problem) - but since I am alone a lot lately, I think I would miss it.

(FYI, check new URL for my blog)

meno said...

I haven't seen any of the TV coverage either. I do have a TV, and cable, but i hardly ever turn it on. This week i am glad.

There were several years when my daughter was young that we didn't have TV at all. It was a great decision.

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