16 April 2007

The way I think

One of my favorite bloggers, Fluid Pudding, admits to a bit of a crush on Zach Braff who apparently professes to being a bit of a blogger himself. Who knew?

I can see her point, almost. I mean, he's cute, but he's no Adrien Brody, Craig Ferguson, or even Andy Hampsten (ok that last one was from 20 years ago, but I bet he still looks good in bike shorts).

Anyway, this Sunday's LA Times magazine had a fashion feature on Zach baby.

Because I am so utterly cool and thoughtful, I emailed Angela to ask her if she wanted me to mail the article to her. Sure, she replied.

I am sure she was wondering what kind of weirdo I am to remember that she likes ZB when I can't remember to take laundry out of the washer for 4 days or to pee before I take the dog for a long walk.

The only problem was that, my memory being like it is, I promptly forgot, between emailing her the offer and getting her email back, that I needed to save the magazine in case she did want it. I couldn't find it anywhere.

"I bet I recycled it when I was cleaning house," I said. I get the urge to clean house so rarely that when I do it, I am likely to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I took my flashlight out to the recycling bin and pawed through all the recycled Sunday papers, about 5000 wrinkly pages worth. Nope.

"What an iiiiii-d-iiiiot," I muttered.

Maybe I filed it, I thought. In the 8 inch high pile with all the other "to be filed" stuff. I dug around in that for a while. Nada.

I am not one to give up easily. I hit the recycling bin one more time. Flashlight. Tiptoes. Leaning way over in that sucker. Dark. Yogurt cups, empty cans, junk mail. No. No. No.

Then I decided to just stagger around the house and lift up random piles of junk.

Voila. Behind the closet door, right where it belonged.

My life. Welcome to it.


Karen Rani said...

You sound like me...plus ZB is HAWT.
I had a sex dream about him once and Dear God, who art in heaven, thank you.

super des said...

That's about what I do. If I'm looking for something, dammit, I won't stop til I find it. It can be a very time consuming venture that often has no reward.

Maggie said...

Not finding something makes me insane. And lately, my mind is so gone that I forget words I meant to say, midsentence. I walk into rooms and don't know why I am there. I must be tired. But as you can imagine, finding things where I forgetfully put them in the first place...impossible.

Suzanne said...

Ah yes. My memory "works" the same way too.

chirky said...

Dude. You went to that much EFFORT? Reading this made me feel so lazy. I totally would have just emailed back and said, "Oops. Looks like I misplaced the magazine. If I ever find it, I'll send it."

Am a sloth.

Amber said...

When I was pregnant, I had a dream about him as well. Dunno what it is about him that makes hormonal women swoon. My husband can't figure out why I blush whenever Scrubs comes on....

ecogrrl said...

Sorry to ask on an unrelated post, but how do you like the Fit on the highway? My Jetta is at death's door, and I was all set on the Fit until I started reading comments from some of the Versa/Scion people. Did it do okay on the highway? Decent amount of storage space? Thanks! :)

Angela said...

I am mortified to think that you went through this much trouble.

(What I mean to say is--thanks so much. You're the absolute coolest!)

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