19 May 2007

Dollar Rent A Car makes good

Ok, ok, maybe Dollar Rent A Car doesn't entirely suck so bad.

A certain blogger - Vicious Rumours - went way out of her way for me. She took it upon herself to help me out and came through in a big way.

Using her amazing superpowers, she tracked down a real, live, actual human instead of the seeming robots in human clothing that I had spoken to. She got them to contact me and suddenly I received an offer of a voucher for a rental in the amount that I didn't spend with them because I was busy having a nervous breakdown.

Here's how it went down: I got a couple very nice emails from one of their representatives, who not only had the good sense to compliment my writing but to offer her condolences about my sister.

I first told her that I didn't want any compensation other than to know that no one would have to suffer the same sort of worry and panic I had at the airport, or put up with the runaround I got on the phone.

But then she offered the voucher and I realized 1) I am going to be in Chicago for BlogHer and will need a car to go out to the 'burbs to see my fam and 2) I am a total sucka for saving money, so I took her up on her offer.

I did warn her, though, that hundreds of women bloggers would be descending upon Chicago for BlogHer the last weekend in July and that those losers at Dollar at O'Hare had better treat us nice. So when they have the red carpet out and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies for us, you know who to thank.


super des said...

I provided a way for vicious rumors to get a hold of you. I should get an extra cookie.

I love when stuff like that gets resolved. Kudos to everyone.

SUEB0B said...

Des, thanks for being the bridge.

meno said...

Never under estimate the power of the internets!


Day Dreamer said...

Oh, see, that's awesome! I'm not taking my post down tho!! I'll see how it goes ad BlogHer for you first! LOL...

Blogging superpowers....(!)

Who'd have thunk?!

viciousrumours said...

I'm just glad they finally were able to get a hold of you. (BIG thanks to des for that). Now you'll get to have a shiny...or semi shiny ride for visiting and other cool things at Blogher!

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