07 July 2007

Fireworks kill. A lot.

My mom told me she had heard a horrible news story about a child who had lost most of her face in a fireworks accident, so I decided to google it. I never found that story, but what I did find left me feeling sick and dizzy.

I always read these cold statistics like "10,500 people were injured by fireworks in the U.S. this year" and it is easy for me not to really think about the human damage. But when I started reading the individual stories about toddlers and babies and children and moms and dads, my heart started to squeeze up in my chest.

I think the one that got me most was the mischevious 4-year-old boy with the firecrackers...those of you who have smart, active boys know how they can get into absolutely everything in the blink of an eye.

The results of my news search are collected over at Linkateria.

Please go over and take a look, especially if you or your family are planning on shooting off fireworks at home next year. It is really scary.

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Suzanne said...

I have never liked personal fireworks. It just seems incredibly dumb.

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