04 July 2007

Someone come get me, please

It is like a war zone in my neighborhood. The Normandy landing or something. Goodness gracious - my neighbors are firing off MAJOR fireworks right over my house. People on all sides are shooting them off and there are literally dozens of loud booms every minute.

I am with Jonniker on fireworks. Have never liked them; never will. The big professional ones are at best mildly amusing to me, fine if I am going out with family or something.

The small dangerous personal kinds being handled by people who have been drinking all day in the sun bring me to the verge of a nervous breakdown. And now that I have The World's Most Sensitive Dog to be angry on behalf of, well I am just the bitchy spinster who keeps looking out the door with a cranky expression on her nasty face.


Elizabeth said...

You just described me, and my poor dog, to a T. I HATE 4th of July, because I am a big baby who hates loud booming noises. Hate thunder, hate lightning, hate fireworks. And poor Elvis, who was raised in the middle of nowhere, is completely freaked out. I'll be glad when this week is over.

Izzy said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one feeling like a bitchy old lady due to my intense dislike of fireworks.

Our dearly departed dog used to shake like crazy and our cats hide for hours. Oh, and it's GREAT fun trying to get your kid to sleep on the 4th. And the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th.

It's 1:34am here and these jackasses around here are STILL shooting them off.

Talk about EASILY amused...


Chase said...

I'm with ya!! HATE them. They're loud and stinky and annoying and dangerous.

Lucky me, the neighborhood fireworks hooplah is right across the street from my house. They started at 6pm and went full-tilt until after 11pm. And that was just one house. We had 5 other houses behind us and beside us going, too. One person was still going at 1am when I finally fell asleep. It was madness....and I had a headache, to boot!

Glad it's over.

Though, I did just hear one go off. At 7:45am. Hopefully that's the last of them. Gah.

Amy U. said...

heh. My friend Brian posted something related, actually, a July 5th list of fireworks-related injuries.

Our dog used to get totally freaked out by them, too.

meno said...

I must admit that at one point last night i did utter this statement; "I truly hope that one of the neighbors blows off a finger."

I am not a nice person.

Nancy said...

I hate, hate fireworks too. My neighbors invited me out to watch them shoot some off in the parking lot. Um, no thanks, I'd like to keep my eyesight and limbs. ;-)

Anonymous said...

So. What's the protocol... If you KNOW that it is a blogger's birthday and you think she deserves to be shown the love... Should you mention that July 6th belongs to a certain, shall we say... apple-cheeked office supply item?
Happy Day, Suebob!

Heather B. said...

I fucking hate fireworks. The end.

and in other news...

Hey, you there, bitchy spinster, I enjoyed a little tanqueray and tonic the other night and thought of you.

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