28 September 2007

Blogging about blogging - #57 in a series

Adding to the list of things I suck at:

Thank you to everyone who has given me an award or tagged me lately. I have to admit that I am very bad about both. I won't post award buttons on my blog for several reasons: 1) They create even more visual clutter. Aren't the ad and the flickr thing bad enough? 2) I feel silly tooting my own horn 3) When I win the Pulitzer, you bet I will put up a button. But I'm holding out til then.

And memes...I'm just bad at. I have the best of intentions, then I remember something I just have to post about and the meme falls off my radar screen and then I can't remember what I was spozed to meme about.


As far as reading posts goes, I will not read your posts if they:
Consist of poetry
Describe vomiting*
Describe fecal incidents*
Describe mucus incidents*
I am just sick of being grossed out. I really, really don't need to hear it.
*Unless you are Jonniker. For some reason, she can get away with these.


I must admit a peculiar prejudice against acronyms used as names for children and spouses, especially big long acronyms. It just pulls me up too hard each time I see "TBCWMN" and have to translate it in my head. OF COURSE I have to translate it in my head, because that is the way my brain is wired. And of course I can't remember what it means from post to post, because I am ancient and forgetful.

So most of the time I skim or click off to another blog. Sorry.


I am going to try to start being better about commenting on comments, because I love it so much when other bloggers do it to me. Goon Squad Sarah and Mir are especially great at this.


I love Linkateria so much that I can't understand why it gets 1/10 of the hits that Red Stapler does. Maybe it isn't as fun as I think it is. I know it is awfully random, but I don't put up links there that I don't absolutely find fascinating. Just go over there and make me happy, willya? If you comment, you get extra cookies in your goodie bag.


Assertagirl said...

Yeah, I can't read about puke, poop, snot or other bodily functions, either.

Haikus are the only poetry I can really digest on a blog, too, because they are so short, and usually just like reading any other sentence.

Jessica said...

I HATE reading about puke. Hate it.
But now I feel bad about describing my monthly blood-letting....

I read linkateria! And, at least you have readers - only 5 people read my (personal) blog.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Hmmm. It's a good think I write about search hits, because vomit and poop come up a lot on my blog.

I like Linkateria. I go there a lot.

SUEB0B said...

Assertagirl - It is ironic because I used to be quite active in my local poetry scene. But at some point my brain rebelled.

Jessica - I think I am having a reaction against reading all these mom blogs in cold and flu season

Sarah - I hadn't noticed LOL

And thanks for the encouragement on Linkateria.

mar said...

i usually check redstapler daily & try to hit linkateria once a week. i'm mostly at work & no i-net at home, so i can't always check out the vid links, though.
sorry if my recent blogposts are on your taboo list. :\

meno said...

Send cookies, i like molasses.

Major Bedhead said...

Whoops. I have an acronym for my husband.... But I rarely discuss poop or puke.

marian said...

I like Linkateria! Don't be discouraged. Hell, when I started my new blog I went from a relatively huge number of readers on the old one to my current number, which is 8. Or 7.76. It's still worth it...

Christina said...

So you're saying you won't be joining us for Haiku Fridays then... ;)

It's OK, I'm also lousy about displaying awards and stuff. I always show them off in a post, but I have yet to put up a permanent display on my sidebar. I've already got too much sidebar junk already.

And I like Linkateria! I keep forgetting to add it to Bloglines, but I'm going to do that right now.

Staci Schoff said...

We dislike the same kinds of posts.

I'm glad you didn't write "blood" as one of the things you hate, because after BlogHer I really went over the top on a blood post and I have like two more I keep thinking maybe I'll get the nerve to post sometime. Blood has unfortunately become a large part of my life, but think I do prefer it to baby poop and vomit.

I LOVE poetry, but it won't keep me coming back to a blog over and over.

Kizz said...

It's funny that you post about the things you refuse to read and then about Linkateria. Linkateria is pretty much entirely made of posts I don't read. Like you and poetry I mostly don't read posts with links, can't explain it really, just don't get into it. I wonder how we all develop these little blog-reading allergies?

Grace said...

FWIW, I love Linkateria.

I'm trying really hard to comment on other people's blogs more, too. For some reason, it has taken years of blogging for me to make the connection between loving comments myself and thinking other people might love them as well.

ie said...

Speaking of commenting on comments, I got a follow-up email the next morning from someone who's blog I had just found. Absolutely made my day!

Izzy said...

There are goody bags?

Will read for goody bags that are NOT full of little junky crappydoos, presumably from China, lead capital of the world.

(Oh, and I can't, won't, flatly refuse to read poetry. Is it wrong to hate almost all poetry (except those clever haikus), especially that of bloggers?

Mignon said...

1. Glad to hear you dad is out of the woods. For the other 10% of recovery, I hope he has some good PT or OT. I think PTs/OTs are the new naturopaths. They solve problems in such a pro-active, sensical way.

2. I agree with everything you've said about blogging. Especially the weird acronym name thing. Also if it's a nickname that isn't intuitive I tune out.

3. I love Linkateria, but my connection is slow. That's my excuse.

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