29 September 2007

My favorite time of the week

Goldie's job is to keep every bird off the beach. She is chasing that seagull (see the dot in the sky). Sometimes she actually outruns the birds and has to turn around to get behind them again.

I just can't believe she is 12 years old. She runs and runs, and it is a joy to watch. She is half greyhound, and she can go maybe 30 mph, which is why I only let her off leash at this isolated beach.

This is one of the best times in my week. I run a little, too, though much slower.
Tired and happy


Assertagirl said...

She's so beautiful. I miss having a dog. Have you had her since she was a puppy?

SUEB0B said...

I got her from the pound when she was 6 and I was a volunteer dog walker. I kept thinking "This is such a great dog - why doesn't someone adopt her?"

super des said...

Dogs are the best. I like that they can make us feel so happy.

TB said...


Nancy said...

Look at that smile on Goldie. Makes me want to run right out and get a woofus of my own.

Anonymous said...

When my 'Kota was 12, the vet said "I wouldn't guess he's a day over 8...until I saw his teeth!" :P

lildb said...

whatta pretty baby! wooda wooda booba boo!

I can't help it. I totally am only capable of baby-speech with doze dewicious doggies.

booga boo.

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