29 November 2007

Move along, move along

Recent google searches that somehow found this blog:

carrot in the butt parade I think we have a different idea of what makes a good parade entry

wetting my pants there are several of these every single day

pissing in my pants see what I mean?

red stapler finally! a sane one

wax crotch men Don't do it! Read Christopher Hitchens' article first, at least, so you'll know what you're in for

no crotch women I'm not sure this is possible

motorway, i am going to pee my pants I told you that you should have gone before you left. Let me guess - sent from your Blackberry?

the worlds beautifulist dog Yes, this is the place

cheese kills Damn vegan googlers

movie idoits frozen 45 years the spelling here enhances my enjoyment


Lance Webel said...

I'm guessing that you're going to get a lot more urine-related queries after this post ... careful!

Suzanne Reisman said...

I've stopped looking at the search terms that bring people to my blog because too often, they are creepy, gross, or depressing. But carrot butt parade sounds hilarious.

Mrs. Chicken said...

If cheese kills, I'm totally screwed.

Count Mockula said...

These are awesome. You are so lucky!

meno said...

One search i got once was "saggy tits blog"

I'm still offended!

Lisa said...

The next time I see a parade, I'll think of carrots. In butts. And of YOU. (But don't worry, I won't think of you in a "carrot in the butt" kind of way, k? teehee.)

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