30 November 2007

The Whine Festival

Mea culpa, bitches. I apologize in advance. You don't have to read this crap, but I feel compelled to write it.

The day began at 2 a.m. when it started raining and my dog woke me up to point that out to me. It hasn't rained in 8 months, so my big strong dog was AFRAID OF THE SOUND OF RAINDROPS. I was not that sympathetic to her plight. I am bad, bad dog mom.

Then she woke me up an hour later with the lightning and thunder. THAT I can sympathize with. I cried into my pillow a bit and so did she.

4 a.m.? Gunshots! Sometimes if there are lots of gunshots, I get on the floor because I am a big chicken. But I decided to stay in bed. Goldie hid in the closet with the dirty socks.

And a power outage to boot! I decided to skip showering and making breakfast in the dark and sleep in a bit. Hey, my hair looks GREAT all bent and greasy.

Off to work. Computer still broken. Rush job due. I moved heaven and earth to find a workstation I could borrow for an hour to get it done. Done! Yay. I am hero.

But the rest of the day...hanging out. No work, no computer. The message on the screen, after 4 tries by our tech, is "No system present." Oh yay. Boring as hell. Pass time by making fun of the girl who sings in the next row of cubicles and eating the last of the cookies Jean brought in.

Time for a teeth cleaning! With the new, not so good hygienist. I am usually pretty calm, but I felt like climbing out of the chair before it was half over. I almost lost my shit. I imagined tossing the suction device on the floor, standing up and screaming "OH NO YOU DON'T!" My gums felt like pincushions. Agggh!

And then physical therapy on my shoulder. It isn't so bad but I was done being poked and prodded by then.

That's all. Friday. Over. Whine fest.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

Bleh. Hope you get to catch up on your sleep.

debangel said...

Yipes! You should come down to SD and use my hygienist. I swear, she's so gentle it's relaxing. Of course, I chase a toddler all day, so it's all relative ;)

Love the new tagline,as long as I don't picture it too hard..

super des said...

that doesn't sound like a fun day. Hope your weekend is better.

Average Jane said...

That sounds like a perfectly justifiable whine fest. After a day like that, the weekend can only be an improvement.

ecogrrl said...


Suzanne said...

I hope you spend the rest of the weekend having a wine fest with very good cheese.

mothergoosemouse said...

Gunshots? Did you say gunshots?

And my dental appointments usually go much the same way.

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