26 November 2007

Norma Rae, where are you now?

I am always on the lookout for freelance writing gigs, so I headed over to the Problogger job board to see if I could scare up some joblets.

Pretty soon my mouth was hanging open. Most of the ads were for bloggers with fairly specialized knowledge and/or semi-fanatical passions as well as a great deal of experience. That's not the part that scandalized me.

They were also offering as low as $5 to $10 per post, a couple posts a week max. Or something like $250 for a post a day, every day.

'Da hell?

Are people REALLY whoring themselves and their writing and blogging skills out for that little? "Whoring" hardly seems fitting, because any decent sex professional gets paid much better than that.

This is so wrong, people. Don't sell yourself for chump change. It lowers the bar for all of us. Is it time for a union?

And now...my first video! 10 whole seconds.


Blog Antagonist said...

Couldn't agree more. It's so tacky and just cheapens the whole thing. I don't think "whoring" is too strong a word.

Lara said...

GOOD lord. $250 for a post a day, every day? There go my dreams of freelance writing.

Also - Goldie Dreams = adorable.

Suzanne said...

Originally, BlogHer paid nothing. Then $12.50 per post. Now it's up to $50.

Nope, blogging ain't gonna bill any bills.

MsLittlePea said...

Oh, people get paid for blogging? I really had no idea.

Wonder what Goldie was dreaming of.

QT said...

I remember when I first started free-lancing for a local newspaper and they paid $50 an article. And I thought THAT was low...

Aren't dog dreams hilarious? I was waiting for her to yip in her sleep, like mine do.

Mir said...

Dude, be careful. Pretty soon all of the people who claim to be buying groceries for their starving children with the $5/post they get from places like PayPerPost will be here complaining that you just don't UNDERSTAAAAAAAND.

You can make a living blogging, yes. But you don't do it by working for crap like that.

meno said...

Love the twitching dog. I hope she caught that rabbit (or whatever) in her dream.

Jhianna said...

I wasn't sure what the pay was for blogging, but I know that I don't want to do it. I have a hard enough time cobbling together thoughts for my boring stuff. Good on you for doing it for real though.

I love watching dreaming dogs, hate the nightmares though. We always try and gently wake up BigWhiteDog when it seems to start going badly.

Anonymous said...

She's runnin' on the beach, catchin birds. *lol*

Face it, the market is SATURATED. Everyone and their mom got a digital camera and a blog and now fancies themselves a writer/photog. I think the market will stabilize in a few years when they chill out and realize.......they are just some joe with a camera and a computer.

Rick said...

I think he's dreaming that he's riding around in a pickup on a bumpy road.


Christina said...

Laughing my ass off at Mir's comment.

I get paid for writing at Family.com, and it's well more than $5 a post. (Disney knows the value of its bloggers.)

$5 is just insulting, especially when asking for a blogger with specialized knowledge.

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