31 January 2008

Twitter is chapping my hide

Yeah, yeah, I thought Twitter was stupid, trite and unnecessary and I said as much. (I still think so more or less.)

But then some friends sucked me into Twitter world a few weeks ago, and I made reluctant friends with the thing. Made friends, right. I took the first hit and soon began cooking it up and injecting every chance I got.

Now Twitter is broken all the time. Last night for 3 hours, tonight for God knows how long, and I need my medicine. Instant messaging won't do it anymore. It has to be the real deal, the good stuff.

Can't anyone score some Tweets for me?

Other random shit that is chapping me until I bleed:

Good galoshes, Batman, but I HATE Snap.com You know, they make those little tiny annoying as hell screenshots that leap up when you hover over a link too long. WHO on earth needs this crap? Really, peepul, it makes me want to delete your RSS feed when you pester me with "Snapshots"(gag).


I am also not so big on your truncated feeds in the feed reader. "Truncated" for those of you who didn't have Mr. Drew for English, means shortened, cut off to just a title or the first few lines. (I'm not condescending to you - I just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Drew in heaven).

I know you are afraid of having your preshus feeds scraped and re-posted by some Russian spamblog mafiosi, but can you do me a favor and get over it?

Honestly, people, these click-thrus cost me time and TIME IS MONEY! The reason I can't afford that black truffle pasta sauce is because I am too busy clicking through to read your latest post. I am deprived of black truffles and it is ALL YOUR FAULT for clipping your feeds!


The woman at work who stopped up the toilet, left the evidence in the bowl, and slipped by me, smiling shyly - hey, woman, it is YOUR responsibility to call building maintenance, not mine. Or you could have used the plunger that was RIGHT there in the stall but no, not you. That would have been GROSS - but not quite as gross as having your co-worker do an innocent "Oh they forgot to flush" flush and then having to wade through the lake of backed up sewage you left for someone else to deal with. Beeyotch.

On the other hand, I really like the CommentLuv wordpress plugin. When you leave a comment on a blog that has it, the blog automatically tries to find a feed of your last blog post and makes a link to it. Sweet! Elizabeth from Table for Five was the early adopter on this one and I give her a big thumbs up for taking the plunge.


bleeding espresso said...

You're reading my mind here. I hate Snap too--on Firefox it's rather easy to just forbid Snap from loading which means I never have to see it again! Woohoo!

Agreed also on truncated feeds, Britney, and CommentLuv. And thank goodness I have no coworkers and, accordingly, no coworker crap. Ew.

Average Jane said...

I agree with all of this post - except for the Twitter part because I've been holding back from getting sucked into the Twitter Black Hole ever since it launched. It'll probably get me sooner or later, though.

Mir said...

There are other reasons to do truncated feeds other than scraping, although every time I do a trial run of going full-feed, I am immediately scraped in a dozen locations and, well, no, I won't get over it. It IS annoying to click through, and I'm sorry. For me it's less annoying than the alternative.

Maybe I will get you some black truffles for Christmas. ;)

SUEB0B said...

Aw, Mir, for you I will always click through.

Nancy said...

I thought Twitter was dumb too, but now I've gotten sucked in.

Sorry, I am a truncated feed person -- admittedly because of the Bitacle debacle. If I can figure out how to append a copyright notice to my feed I will start publishing the full feeds. But I'm a bit of a pain in the ass about other people making money off my content when I don't make any money myself.

And I always do tell people -- if it doesn't look interesting from the first few words, you don't have to click through. No skin off my nose.

SUEB0B said...

Y'all have a right to truncate your feeds, I agree. But I am in a wanky mood.

jessica said...

People are "scraping" me? Really? Cool.

gingajoy said...

I have the same relationship with Twitter, SB -- I know it's wrong, and the term 'microblogging' makes me want to gag, and yet..... (I'll follow you if you follow me;-))

CommentLuv -- I am gonna get me some. Love it.

Suzanne said...

I second Average Jane, although I have tried in vain for months to figure out how to make sure that I don't have a truncated feed, and I have yet to figure out what the hell I am doing. I don't worry about being scraped because no one sane would want to try and take credit for my dark secrets and foul mouth.

rookiemom said...

Ya, I just saw that commentluv thing the other day and I love it too. I wish blogger would do it. Fat chance though.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm a total Twitter addict. I went through some pretty heavy withdrawals the last few days. The shakes, man. They were a killer.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Man. I feel the same way about Twitter. I avoided it for months and months. Now I am addicted.

Mocha said...

I still can't do Twitter. I know myself too well. It will destroy me and I will fold like a taco to its whims. I'm really not that strong.

Amen to the Britney. Never thought I'd say that. But Jesus, we won't be happy until she's slit her wrists, will we?

In other news: I miss you!

meno said...

I am with you on the snapshits thing, and the truncated posts, and while we are at it, I hate word verification.

I get about one spam comment every 2 months. I delete it.

Time is money.


Christina said...

Twitter is an obsession, and I hate that it's gone all wonky lately. Tonight I was finally ready to settle in and do some twittering, and the site was down.

I'm guessing there are a lot of reasons to truncate feeds. Scraping, wanting people to click thru for ad revenue, etc. I still click thru for most, but I do appreciate full feeds more.

Elizabeth said...

Let's see-I like Twitter but I don't use it often. Hate that "Snap" thing, don't mind truncated feeds.

Personally, I think the best thing Britney's family could do would be to pack her up and move her to Montana or Idaho or somewhere. Somewhere where there is no paparazzi and a really excellent mental health care system. She's the right age to have developed bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia, and she needs HELP.

That woman in the bathroom? EWWW.

Finally, Comment Luv-gosh, I've never been called an "early adopter" before! Makes me feel like I might actually know what the heck I'm doing when I'm online :) Thanks, babe!

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