02 February 2008

More than Groundhog Day

The groundhog comes out, accompanied by some oddly furred gentleman in a stovepipe hat, sees his shadow, and declares 6 more weeks of winter. At least I hope he does - since when does winter end on Feb. 2?

Groundhog Day is just a bastardization of Candlemas, which in turn is a Catholic take on St. Brigid's Day, which of course was originally a pagan holiday called Imbolc, dedicated to the goddess Brigid. Layers upon layers of legend laid down over the years, each with just a little truth left in it as the change is made.

This festival is a time of dedication to artistic and spiritual pursuits. Decide what is important for you to do in your creative life in the upcoming year, light a candle, and meditate on it for a while. Can't hurt.


mar said...

and i just thought it was the day after my birthday. first celebration of 29.
...off to light a candle.

Alex Elliot said...

Hey you learn something new every day!

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