01 February 2008

Web 2.0 Tour Guidance

Hi blogfriends,

Tomorrow I am going to give my friend Paula the grand web 2.0 tour. Help me know what sites to visit.

I already want to take her to:

What else? She is especially interested in sharing her music because she is a singer, composer and all-around musical genius.

Thanks in advance.


Average Jane said...

For sharing original music, I recommend GarageBand.com and iLike.com.

Nancy said...

How timely your question. I'm doing a Web 2.0 analysis for work.

You might try Pandora and Finetune for music sharing (Pandora suggests music based on your likes and dislikes, and Finetune lets you build playlists of songs you like).

I'm also a huge fan of social bookmarking -- I find lots of new interesting sites that way. My favorite is del.icio.us.

There's all sorts of excellent productivity tools out there, too, if she's looking for tools to help her work smarter (to do lists, etc.) I won't clutter your comments with more suggestions, but send me a note if you're interested.

Mocha said...

I'd show her things about FeedBlitz, too, if you're going to get her hooked on reading blogs. Bloglines as well.

Will we get to hear her musical geniusness? (I know that's supposed to be 'genius' but I really like how it sounded.)

You and Paula have fun. Bring treats.

rookiemom said...

Oh you totally have to get signed up for StumbleUpon.

I'm too lazy to get into a big description, basically you go and check off what your interests on a bog long list, and then you hit the stumble button (it adds a toolbar) and it takes you to sites related to your interests. You find more cool sites with this then you would believe.

It's perfect for when you feel like you've seen everything there is to see on the internet.

Oh, the awesomeness.

Muse said...

Being a bookworm, I'm a fan of goodreads.com - you can share book recommendations with friends, ratings, reviews, etc. It's great for those times when you want something new, but don't want to succumb to Oprah's bookclub.

Paula said...

Thanks for my first blog lesson!

Major Bedhead said...

If I knew what defined Web 2.0, I'd be happy to give suggestions.

Ezra said...

Oh, an archiver of some sort is helpful.

ma.gnolia saves snapshots of the text content of sites you bookmark, so you can always have access to it. Social bookmarking features too, if you like sharing.

Furl and Spurl, two unrelated services (even if they do rhyme) save entire pages: text, pix, even ads -- along with bookmarks. Sharing optional. Furl recently lost my account somehow, and Spurl has had a scary intro message about spam attacks for a long time now, but still worth checking out both of them.

Finally, I just learned about instapaper, which is geared to setting up bookmarks to stuff you want to read later but don't have time to consume at the moment. I haven't registered yet, but it looks promising.

Krista said...

Thanks for picking Photrade! I hope that you enjoyed the site.

- Krista
VP Marketing - Photrade.com

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