22 May 2008

Disproportionately Pleasing

I got this from Mayberry Mom who got it from Bub and Pie.

- Accelerating out of corners

- Drooly babies

- Making the first scoop mark in peanut butter

- Neutrogena soap

- Clean sheets

- A tiny tail-tip dog wag

- The silence when the fridge shuts off

- Having the cashier use their club card when you forgot yours

- Staircases with worn "moons" in the treads

- Purple-ink rubber stamp marks in old library books

How about you?


super des said...

I had a cashier give me a coupon the other day. I had no idea it was buy one get one half off!

soupisnotafingerfood said...

Opening a new bag of potato chips.

Taking the first helping from a piping hot casserole.

My 12 year old son calling me "Mommy."

Mayberry said...

I love that you did this!

As a kid I would fight with my brother and sister over the peanut butter thing. We called it "the first thumb" because if you do it right it will look just like a thumb on your knife.

Okay, I still do it.

daysgoby said...

I love your list!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

- bubble wrap

- lemon pledge

- the way Gabe smells when he is barbecuing something.

meno said...

Using my sister-in-law's phone number instead of bothering to apply for a club card at all the local grocery stores.

lotion after the shower.

a cat under my arm, purring.

Mignon said...

The PSSHHHT sound of a new tennis ball can.

Old maid popcorn kernels.

Bagpipers in a parade.

The way a horse's skin quivers when touched lightly.

Andrea said...

The clink of ice in a glass.

I agree with your peanut butter, but it's just as fun if not more so when it's a tub of ice cream.

A box from Amazon with a book in it waiting in the mailbox.

A doggy kiss.

The smell of the coffee beans in the coffee aisle.

The shampoo/massage of the first part of a haircut.

The smell of Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream from Bath and Body Works.

qt said...

AGH! The tail-tip tail wag - it gets me every.single.time~ that is at the top of my list.

freckles on my nose after a day in the sun

getting into clean sheets after showering


Traceytreasure said...

Caulk ads on favorite blogs! (hint, hint!)

Hoping that you finally get your caulk samples.

The last load of warm laundry out of the dryer knowing that I have a laundry day off tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, Hugs!

MsLittlePea said...

Clean hair and shaved legs. Puppy breath. A biscuit kneading cat. I could do this for days....

mar said...

fresh line-dried sheets

nuzzling my nose into his shoulder after he's soapy-clean from the shower

finishing a great book

watching the cubs get a w

and i second the lotion after a shower-especially coconut lime verbena

Skye said...

You find drooly babies disproportionately pleasing? Great, you can hold Max at BlogHer! :)

(When you can wrestle him away from his grandma, that is.)

(Why do I get the feeling that this year won't be the year I get to talk to Suebob for more than 5 minutes? I'm bringing a baby, we're throwing her dad a birthday party, she's on panel...)

gael said...

The look of the swirl-tip in a newly opened jar of mayonnaise.

The smell of a fresh lit match.

Warm towels.

No one ahead of you in a check-out line.

Kristin said...

the smell of a new book... nothing quite as decadent!

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