11 May 2008

Normally I would not talk about this

I hate to read about dreams. I never, ever read dream scenes in books. I always skip them. The device pisses me off. Yes, author person, I know you want to say something deep and meaningful but you can't figure out how to say it directly, so you start with the italics. Well, screw you. Learn to write.

So last night I had this dream... No, bear with me - I will keep this short and it was a blogging dream, so that counts for something, doesn't it?

I dreamt that I was looking at the movie page in the newspaper and there was a movie called "Jonniker!" after one of my favorite bloggers, of course Jonniker but in the movie title she gained an explanation point.

I ran around telling all my friends about the movie and I even went over and got to meet Jonniker's family (they live in Los Osos, California, of course, in dreamland).

The only problem was that they got Molly Shannon to play the lead role and the movie sucked really bad.

I was all at once upset and happy. Upset because I wanted Jonniker! to do well, happy because maybe no one else would find out about her and it would still just be us cool kids in her comments section, which is one of the funnest places in Blogsylvania.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Molly Shannon? I'd be disappointed too. No no, I AM disappointed. Where is Gisele? Adriana Lima? Why are THESE women not portraying me?

(I kid. My resemblance to both is sort of the way that my dog -- a pug -- resembles a graceful greyhound.)

Nonetheless, I am laughing and flattered and utterly amused.

Anonymous said...

Last night I dreamed we had giant cockroaches in our kitchen. When I stepped on them, they attacked my feet.

I think you win.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it would be a cool musical.

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