10 May 2008

Super Sappy Saturday

I am in Washington D.C. Got in yesterday afternoon and Sarah AND the Goon Squad were kind enough to circle Dulles Airport 17 times to pick me up.

Actually Sarah was driving and the twins were napping. They only get to drive on weekends, Sarah said, and only then if they have the cows all milked and the butter churned. Hey, they are only 3 years old, but they are hard workers.

We went to dinner with two of my favorite bloggers and twitterers, my soul sister Nancy of Mom Ma'am Me and Parentopia Devra. I also got to meet the fabulous and pregnant-with-her-third Lumpyhead's Mom.

We were discussing the Lumpy-child-to-be's name and Lumpyhead's mom said it was John, which led to a discussion of Jon or John and Lumpyhead's mom said her husband thought it was going to be one way but she thought it was going to be the other but she hadn't told him yet.

"You have a silent H that you're keeping from your husband?" shot Devra, which made me laugh harder than I have in months. THAT's why I love her.

I am staying at the Hotel Madera at Devra's suggestion. It is the hotel the W Chicago wishes it was but can never be. It is adult and fun while still being tasteful and not Annoying as Hell. See: giraffe-print robes. Fun.

Today I did the tourist thing. Found my way around the Metro (LOVE!) to the National Mall, which is pretty much the best mall I have ever been to because there is no Abercrombie and Fitch and no Cinnabon.

I went to the Air and Space museum expecting to be underwhelmed by airplanes but got all choked up at the sliver of moon rock that you can actually touch. It was a huge attraction - people were lined up and crowding to get to it.

I found myself in tears at the thought - first at the fact that I was touching a piece of the moon THE MOON! and then at the millions of hours of labor and genius that went into making the moon landings possible. Yow.

I am a little in love with this beautiful city. It helps that the weather is probably some of the best they have all year - low 70s with big puffy clouds. If it was like this all the time, I might be tempted to move here.

Wish I could share it with you in real life instead of just on my blog.


Unknown said...

Enjoy it, I plan to go someday soon.

Count Mockula said...

What do you have against Cinnabon? They smell so heavenly!

Working Girl said...

My family moved to DC just before I started my senior year of high school. I love DC in that special way that teen aged girls love rock stars. I only lived there for one year...and I've never been sure that DC felt the same way about me...

Devra said...

I'm so happy you came to town! Was fun hangin' out.

What? No elevator rave going on? Say it isn't so!

When ya comin' back Red Stapler?

Karen Bodkin said...

I love the DC chicks! Will you come to Canada next?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Hey, you know what? We didn't take any pictures at dinner. What kind of crappy bloggers are we anyway?

I'm glad we got to hang out. See you July!

Anonymous said...

You should SO move to DC. We would have a blast on the regular and would be constantly stuffed (and broke!) from long dinners out eating Indian food.

Not to mention we'd laugh ourselves silly.

It was so great seeing you, my friend. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

FIE!!! I was in DC on Sat. and I freaking passed right by Hotel Madera!

mdog said...

okay, wait, what? i was in d.c. this weekend too.

my GOD the effing rain.

Amy Urquhart said...

That giraffe print robe is too cute, and this post just makes me more excited to hang with you in California!

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