09 December 2008


Tuesday caught me perving on him tonight.

Pretty much ever since I have been taking an aqua aerobics class three times a week at the gym, there has been a cute guy who shows up on Tuesday night to lift weights. But on Tuesday and only on Tuesday, thus his nickname.

There are four big windows that separate the pool area from the weight room and Tuesday always begins his workout by doing some bench presses. A lot of bench presses, really, maybe 10 sets, and the bench is right outside window #3.

I noticed him because he's just like I like them. Probably 35, with curly dark hair, dark skin, muscular but not bulky, thin...ok, he's a little short to be perfect - almost a foot short, really, since he is about 5'8" and nothing sets off my hormonal alarms like a man over 6 foot 5...but still, he's definitely the best thing going on the weight room floor on a Tuesday night.

So for the past year and a half, I have been watching him work out and I must say it passes the time quite nicely - breathlessly, even - while I bounce around in the pool in my raspberry colored tank suit and lime green water shoes like a total dorkass.

And for the past year and a half, he has stuck to his workout and never looked out at the pool.

But for some reason tonight he looked, and I was, as usual, staring. At him.

He turned back to his workout. Came back to the window. I was still staring. I couldn't help it. That's what I always do on Tuesday nights, but usually it is at his back.

And again he looked out. Um, I was still trying not to gaze, but I was totally caught in the act. Crap. I couldn't help the smile that was creeping around my face by then.

He came back a fourth time, just to make sure what he thought was going on, was going on. Yes, it sure was.

Our class ended, I showered and packed up my stuff. When I went out across the weight room floor, he had moved on to one of the ab benches. I put my head down, grinning like a fool, and dashed out into the cold black night, feeling my wet hair against the back of my hot neck.


Suzanne said...

Reading this post put a big, dorky, crush grin on my face.

littlepea said...

I am soooo giggling like a school girl for you....should we all try to get his phone number, call and hang up when he answers?

jaybird said...

I have a big, cheesy grin on my face, too. Thanks for putting it there.

mar said...

that is great! i've got a little smirk lingering on my face for your sake.

Count Mockula said...

This is so darn cute.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Tuesday and SueBob, sitting in a tree,

OK, I'm done. :)

Project Christopher said...

LOL! I don't know who made me laugh harder... SueBob's story (that I SOOO relate to) or JellyJules' comment!

go get him SueBob!

Kay said...

Oh! /swoon

Let there be a happy ending!

flurrious said...

Once I was sitting at a stoplight and looking in my rearview mirror at a Clooney who was driving an expensive sedan and stopped behind me at the light. Just as I got to the point in my thoughts where the camera cuts to the breeze blowing into an open window, he smiled directly into my rearview mirror and pointed up at the stoplight. Apparently, it had turned green several seconds earlier, and he was waiting for me to stop staring at him and just go already.

(For some reason, Bloglines refuses to acknowledge that you've posted anything since December 7, which is why I'm just now commenting on a two-week old post. I would like to poke Bloglines in the eye.)

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