11 December 2008

High from the highest tree

Dang me, that was a cranky ass post yesterday.
My family when I was a baby

I blame the menopause. Srsly, mah people, it is kicking me up one street and down the other.

First I had three months without a period. I did not have a moment of mourning for my lost menstruation. My one thought was "YAY!"

Then last month I had a normal period. Boo.

And now this month, I have had a period that has lasted...12 days so far. An extra-special SuperPeriod.

Uncle, I cry. Uncle. I give up. Can I just have my regular old 5 day period back? I'd settle for that.


Project Christopher said...

don't even worry about your rant. it's what blogs are for! you don't even need uberperiod to do it! Rant because it's tuesday... Rant because it's the 12th,

Rant because Dennis Miller commands it! :)

LittlePea said...

That's why I take the every four months period bcpills. Seasonique.

OMG did that just come out like I was in a comercial or something? Well it's true though :O)

Make sure you're getting enough iron in your diet-I had to take iron pills when my period was that long before I got on the pill I'm taking because of anemia....

Elvie said...

If you really want it to stop, and can talk your Dr. into it, there is a shot you can get. I did years ago, stopped things dead. I mean, 12 to 14 days is just way too many.

Denise said...

I thought your rant was funny!

I am not a fan of the never ending period myself. Two words: uterine ablation. Best decision ever.

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