22 April 2009

Chrysler's Marketing Department - hello?

I have heard that Chrysler may go bankrupt. Shocking!

What is more shocking to me - because of course it is all about me - is that, until this news broke, I had NO IDEA Chrysler was one of the big three car companies.

I have lived in the U.S. my entire life and been subject to the usual barrage of advertising. I'm not immune to it. I know about brands that I have never used - for instance, I know Mr. Pibb is a Dr. Pepper knock-off though I have only tasted Dr. Pepper once and Mr. Pibb never.

I can tell a VW from a Saab from a Volvo from a Fiat. But somehow I thought Chrysler was a sub-brand of something else like GM or AMC or something.

I am thinking that if Chrysler couldn't somehow differentiate themselves in the marketplace to me, their target market, maybe, just maybe, they were doing something very, very wrong.


Shutter Bitch said...

Chrysler is part of Dodge. GM, Dodge/Chrysler, and Ford are the big three. I can't remember if they merged at one point or if it was always thatway, but there it is.

Mary said...

Chrysler is the parent company of Dodge. It also used to be the parent company of Plymouth, until they stopped making Plymouths. You know why you don't know about it? Cause they make shitty cars. Ask me how I know!

Summer said...

Oh quite sad news.=(
but still hoping that everything will be ok.
Looking forward on your next post.

Sister Wolf said...

Girls don't have to know that stuff, Suebob.

ALso: I tagged you, sorry. xo

Deodand said...

The strange part is that Fiat is going to buy Chrysler. They will probably lay everyone off, close the company, reopen as something else and hire nonunion employees.

Solo said...

Oh that was sad.Hope to see more from you.;D

Suzanne said...

I just realized that this is probably going to make it hard to get service for our PT Cruiser. Oh, wait. It is already almost impossible to get service for it since they suck so bad. Never mind!

Parsla said...


I'm live in metro-Detroit, have my entire life. It's really quite fascinating to realize that the rest of the world (or country) doesn't always know what we think they do.

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