21 April 2009

Good News/Bad News

The good news is that I washed the kitchen floor.
The bad news is that I did it with a full carafe of coffee.

The good news is that I won best speech (out of three contestants) at Toastmasters last night.
The bad news is that the other 2 people disqualified by going over the time limit.

The good news is that winter is definitely over.
The bad news is that it was almost 100 degrees in April.

The good news is that my 5 bunches of bananas are ripening up finally.
The bad news is ALL AT ONCE.

Anyone want some banana bread? Banana pudding? Banana cream pie?


Maggie said...

got a freezer? banana bread freezes really well. ooh, and if you like muffins for breakfast, you can use banana bread batter and make muffins out of it. Yum.

the good news is, I'm always full of great food ideas. the bad news is, that's what draws me to the kitchen too much.

mar said...

or you can just freeze the extra-ripe bananas if you don't have time to make bread or muffins just now. they freeze great! you can just throw them in the freezer as is, blackened & without peeling. just remember to take them out the night before you want to make banana whatever. easy-peasy!
and congrats on winning!
(also, the way i usually end up cleaning out my fridge is as a result of accidentally dumping a pitcher of juice or spilling unset jell-o all over it.)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Banana bread...with nuts, or without? I like the nuts. :)

Congrats on best speech, no matter how you won it. And yeah, it's been HOT up here in NorCal, too.

gael said...

Make bran muffins. A friend of mine posted a great recipe. You can find it here. Oh. It was you.

And it's not so hot now. You can turn on the oven.

Anonymous said...


Janet said...

My bananas were all ripe at the same time last week. I put them in the blender with some orange juice, rum and ice, and afterwards, I just didn't care anymore!

Skye said...

Honestly, to me, the ability to stay under a time limit is one of the most important speaking skills. I'm not saying that to be flippant. It's quite difficult and it's also very respectful of others.

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