19 April 2009

Dinner in the Valley

I met a friend for dinner in Studio City last night. When I go down there, I always expect to see pretty people and yesterday was no exception.

I walked in the restaurant, a fairly nice place, behind a guy wearing baggy basketball shorts. Whatever. California casual knows no bounds. I looked down and saw that he had gorgeous tanned shaved legs.

"Cyclist," I thought.

He slid into a seat across from the woman who was waiting for him. She had long, curly auburn hair, half-inch long eyelashes and a short, white knit dress that looked like it had been vacuum-sealed to her body. A body that had absolutely not an ounce of fat on it.

My back was to the couple, but my dinner date got an eyeful.

When the couple walked past us to leave, my friend whispered "That's a guy."

"What?" I said.

"The one in the dress, that's a guy."


"Yep. Watch them when they walk by outside."

I sat there in anticipation. Surely, no.

Just then they passed, holding hands.

She was tall. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect body.

Man hands. And a rock-hard boy ass.

Ah, the San Fernando Valley. Land of dreams and illusions, where anything is possible.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Too funny. For some reason, I love him/her.

Jessica said...

Awesome! Do you think the guy knew? Or was he was going to be surprised when he saw that something else had been vacuum-sealed as well....

Mignon said...

Hey! I saw the same thing in Missoula last week. The only way I could tell was that the "guy" of the pair was a young man who works at Target and wears make-up while at work. Our town is small enough so that if you mention this guy, everyone knows who you're talking about. Which is all to say that I paid a little closer attention to his date when I saw the two of them eating dinner downtown.

And yeah, J, for some reason I loved him/her.

g said...

Don't you just love L.A.?

LittlePea said...

hA! There's a guy who works at gift shop nearby who is the prettiest woman I've ever seen in my life- now you make me want to go in there and look at hid hands. All those goodlooking Cali people should get together with all the hot Miami people and start a beauty colony or something....

LittlePea said...

hiS hands I meant to write not hid hands....why can't comments have spell check dammit?

flurrious said...

There's a convenience store robber here who the press have dubbed "Man Hands." But he's actually a man, so it makes no sense.

Project Christopher said...

Some of the most striking women I've seen have been men. BUT... they almost have to be striking to cover the fact that they're women.
I'm gay, but I would prefer the natural beauty of a woman over the striking beauty.

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