23 August 2009

One of my more unbelievable posts, if you know me

CC got me to go see a small community production of "Tommy" last night.


Those who know me are aware of how much I hate musicals. And of how much I hate psychedelic-era anything beyond tie-dyed t-shirts.

(A note on why I hate musicals and why I love opera: in opera, the people can sing and they sing everything, so it is all of a piece. In musicals, you get action, then the action is interrupted with song and dance in such a weird phony way. Plus they do that yelly singing. Ick. No, I do NOT want to go see "Wicked," with you.)

So CC kind of had to drag me to see Tommy. My friend Jim went too, also reluctantly.

We had a great time.

It was fun in a "Let's Put on a Show," kind of way. These local people, mostly young, all talented, found a performance space, rehearsed, made costumes, put together a multi-media kind of thing...and it was really great. The place was packed and everyone in the audience knew someone who was performing.

At the end, there were flowers tossed and lighters and cell phones waved รก la a real rock concert, and goodwill flowed like wine.

It's always interesting to me, the things we need almost as much as food and water to keep us alive. Art. Drama. Literature. Music. Beauty. People will die for these things, literally. Something in us is fed by these crazy, abstract things we do. What feeds you?


Kizz said...

Musicals feed my soul (among other things). You should be very, very careful at Blogher next year. I'm liable to hog tie you and force you to go to one of my favorites.

Project Christopher said...

Did Stephen put you up to this? You and he are separated at birth when it comes to Wicked.... I may put a green skinned hex on both of you! :)

Kim said...


I answered your question on my blog. It was too long to write here! lol

Thanks, SueBob!

Lucy said...

I saw the movie thirty?! years ago. I thought I was so cool.

Really great rock'nroll does me just fine, among other things. Going to see The Flaming Lips this weekend.

Thanks for asking!

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