04 January 2010

Massage School Politics

My 5-day bout of "allergies" seems to have morphed into a cold, so I will leave you with this quick vignette.

College, circa 1984, when Reagan was stupid popular.

I was taking a massage class in the student union. We met in one of the conference rooms, stripped down to swimsuits and practiced our moves while lying on the tables. It was all good oily fun.

The Young Republicans met next door.

One evening after we had gotten down to business, a latenik Alex P. Keaton-type stuck his power-tied neck through the door and gaped at what he saw.

"Ummmm Young Republicans?" he asked unsteadily.

"Oh, this is Young Democrats," someone cheerily replied. "Young Republicans is next door."


Isabella Golightly said...

Man, what a spoilsport. I have would have had him stripped down to his undies before you could say "Richard M Nixon". Dang!

Rachel said...

What a prude...

Suzanne said...

Heh. Although what makes me sad is that Reagan might be more stupid popular than ever. No one seems to get that all the failed policies of the Bush administration were actually proposed first by the Reagan admin, but Democrats were actually useful back then and prevented the implementation of said destructive policies. Sigh.

roo said...

hmm. ..
maybe he'd know which door to choose if you tapped your foot --
i understand that's how the republicans go about it.

at least when it comes to airport bathrooms. ..

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