03 April 2006

Animal Lover

Like so many others, I am having a bit of spring blog fever. Nothing to say, except
1. I love my new red stapler way beyond how I should. It is the best relationship I have had in decades. It is gorgeous, stylish, hard-working and never fails me. Now if it just...oh never mind.

2. These are my pants and shoes. Which were clean until I came home to Mr. Stapler's adorable new dog.

3. Due to my svengali-like influence, Mr. Stapler, my sister and a friend have all started blogs in the past couple weeks. I am so proud. My sister ("Janet Evening") is linked in my sidebar. Mr. Stapler prefers to fly under the radar. And I will check with my friend once she gets a couple posts up to see how she feels about exposing herself to the tens of Red Stapler readers.

1 comment:

IzzyMom said...

"the tens of Red Stapler readers"

LOL. Seriously. I really am laughing out loud :-)

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