02 April 2006

One for Izzy

I was going to blog something else (wasn't I? I forget - easily distracted) but Izzy over at Moonshine came up with a subject:
I would like you to choose 4 adjectives that describe your personality/character and then elaborate a bit on each one. How much or how little is up to you. Try to avoid generic adjectives like nice or sweet. Go deep!

Ok, Izzy, here goes:
1. Sensitive - this is actually more physical than personality, but it has definitely shaped my personality.
I used to think I was nuts til I read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron. She claims that about 25 percent of the population live with nervous systems that are more cranked up than everyone else. You can spot us by the fact that we are plugging our ears when we are at a loud concert, or holding a hankie to our faces as we walk through the cologne department.

I can hear things no one else can hear. I can smell things long before they become strong enough for other people to smell them. Standing in a spot where I can hear two kinds of music at once is enough to make me want to cry. I have almost fainted from being near people with strong perfume. And I'm not crazy.

If you think you might be a "HSP," there is a Self-Test at the Highly Sensitive Person website.

2. Curious
I love learning new things, anything. That's why being a newspaper journalist was/is so much fun. I get happy learning how the town water system works, or the history of the post office building.

3. Funny
I love to make people laugh. Humor is my drug of choice. A good funny story is like gold to me. I love to figure out what makes people laugh and then be able to do it. My worst experiences have been tempered by thinking "Well, at least this will make a hell of a story." Remember, pain + time = humor.

4. Kind
I may be cranky, I may be impatient, but I really, really try to be kind. The Dalai Lama said "Kindness is my religion" and I hope to be like him. I try to help people out how I can, whenever I can. This does not extend to being a sucker or being co-dependent, though those are sometimes tough distinctions to make. But I think kindness is important above all. A lot of people say how much they feel love for someone, then they turn around and emotionally abuse them. That ain't love. Love is a doing, not a feeling.

Thanks, Izzy, for the opportunity to expound. I hope that I am assessing myself correctly.

Readers, how about you?

In other news, here's a photo of the new dog, where she doesn't look so scared. We do not have a name for her yet. You are welcome to comment on possible monikers.


IzzyMom said...

See? Now I know you so much better :-) But you gotta post this at my place, too.

noncommon said...

hey, i just left a comment at izzy's, and thought i'd post the subject at my place too. you beat me to it. great minds think alike? anyway, names for the new baby. i LOVE nameing (did i spell that right?)animals. some of my past girly girl names were - Perdita, Echo, Sasha, & Gwendolyn. currently we have Lola Louise, Blue, & Haushia (pronounced how-sha). my kid made that one up. anyway, there's my offering.

spotted elephant said...

I'm a sensitive person too! Someone sitting next to meet biting their nails drives me up a wall. Ditto for repetitive things like tapping a pencil. As a kid, I was often in trouble for crabbing about itchy tags or clothes. Haven't grown out of that.

It pisses me off that sensitive people get blamed for being how we are. The less sensitive don't get hassled for being dullards. Ah, I guess I'm not very kind. :(

She's a beautiful dog. I'm not very original with names (I liked cameo's list, but never would have come up with them). What popped into mind was "Sparky". Oh dear.

J.R. Kinnard said...

I'm not sure it's so much the sensitivity as it is the bionics you had implanted. Remember? You had the bionic ear and eye combo transplant? How quickly you forget.

MrsFortune said...

Okay -that dog is way, way too cute. Name suggestions: Sadie, Roxie, Mazie, Pimp, Buzz, Fuzz, Fizz, Dumbo (only because of her gorgeous ears!)

Okay, but I have to say ... you are a LITTLE crazy, aren't you?

My husband is a reporter, he's the same as you. Finds that stuff fascinating.

SUEB0B said...

Izzy - anything for you!

Cameo - I suggested Lola too, but Mr. S turned it down.

Spotted - Sensitive people can understand unsensitive ones, but it doesn't appear to be the other way around. Mr S makes fun of me when I rush past the cologne dept at Macy's...He doesn't feel the headache that will last all day!

JR - And you should see my bionic thigh muscles!

Mrs F - funny, my siblings used to call me Dumbo too because of my ears!

Anonymous said...

I also borrowed this for my blog entry. Here are my four...

Hyper-Sensitive - I took the test and it confirmed what I have already known. I am very sensitive, not the kind of sensitive that you can't say anything to me or I will cry, but the kind of sensitive that makes me crazy when things don't go as planned. The kind of sensitive that makes my husband not want to going places with me because I hate being late even when there is no set time to be there. I can't think or function in a room with too much activity. I hear and question all noises. My husband is forever hearing, "Did you hear that?" or "What was that noise?" I have allergies all year round and can't stand the smell of anything that is too strong. Do not even think of talking to me during PMS because it accentuates my hyper-sensitivity by 100 times. Have a elaborated enough?

Organized - I love to organize. I will organize a closet, a drawer, a room, a desk, a party, a meeting or anything else that needs organizing. Put me in charge of it and you will not be disappointed. I try and curb my hyper-sensitivity as much as I can while I am organizing, because it is not a good combo, trust me.

Helpful - I will help anyone who needs it, within my means. My husband teases me saying I just can't say no. Watch your child while you go have fun? Sure. Need some advice on how to do something? Let me research that for you. Not sure what to buy? Let me offer some suggestions. Need a ride somewhwere? My pleasure. I often make my schedule so jam packed helping others that I forget to help myself. But don't worry about me, I can manage!

Distracted - I fugured it wouldn't be truthful if I described myself with all positive adjectives. Lately I have been unbelievably distracted. I walk into a room and forget what I went in there for because I am now thinking about something else I need to do. If I don't write things down they will not get done. If you want me to call/email/meet you, you better send that in writing. My mind wanders so much that I am wondering if I have attention deficit disorder. I have suspected it for some years now and just can't bring myself to research and verify. I have really noticed an increase in it since I became pregnant and thought it would diminish once I gave birth. No such luck and it's intensity is growing.

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