04 April 2006

My favorite holiday

Since people keep congratulating me about the NY Times gig I mentioned in my post of April 1, I thought I had better mention it was an April Fools Day prank. I mentioned that in the comments, but apparently some of you are not as obsessed with this blog as you should be and *gasp* don't read all the comments. I'm telling you, you're missing out. The comments are where the action is.

Speaking of which, I think the famous Dooce may have set a record on her blog with 475 long and passionate comments when she posted about what is apparently the most controversial of subjects: How to Get Your Kid to Freaking Sleep Already."

The funny part to me, as a non-mom, is that Heather's kid sleeps good and wakes up good and is normal, but that isn't enough for some people - nope, they claim she wrecked her kid's life by letting her cry alone for a some nights until she learned to sleep by herself.

Sounds like fundamentalist parenting at its best - if you don't do it our way, you - and your offspring - are damned for all eternity.

But that's just me, and what do I know? I didn't even have kids because I KNEW that, with me as a parent, they would be messed up for all eternity.


Janet Evening said...

Teaching a 5 year old boy water balloon technique is not recommended Mommy behaviour. Aunties are necessary.

IzzyMom said...

I read dooce's thing on sleep, and some of the nutty comments. It made my head hurt ;-p

Amy said...

Oh I was so envious of your NY Times gig. Now I don't feel so bad that my blog hasn't made me famous! I think you win the April Fool prize for making so many of us April Fools!

Christina said...

Isn't it amazing what small issues people can turn into wars?

I think the argument for "whatever works for the person" is an argument I believe in for most topics. Crying it out vs. no-cry? If it works for them. Dogs or cats? Whichever works for them. Meat-eater vs. vegetarian? If it works for them.

Murderer? OK, maybe not so much there, but you see my point.

cameo said...

oh my friend, you have it all wrong! it's people like you - the ones that actually THINK about what the impact of being a parent means - that are the good ones. it's the one's who don't that screw a child's life up! and as far as all the hype over at Dooce's place. i'll have you know, i was the perfect parent before i had kids. it was after i had them that i realized there was no right or wrong in this occupation (barring the obvious). so for those looney ones out there that think THEY know it all- fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. they need to get a life! and if they are so concerned about abuse, maybe they should stop reading blogs, and get proactive!

MrsFortune said...

I second what Cameo said. I was the perfect teacher before I had to manage my own classroom. The perfect doggy parent when all I had to do was baby sit for the weekend (well, I still am the perfect doggy parent actually, of course). I haven't read through those comments but people sure get their titties twisted over lots of stuff but I'll stay out of it.

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