05 April 2006

My offspring

My friend has a new blog, Bamboo Lemur Boys are Mean to their Girls.

Just from the title you can see why she is my friend. Both weird and funny.

I am so delighted, not just to have had an impact on the blogging world, but by her great writing. Check it out:
"I burp a lot. I'm an airy kinda gal. Probably because I eat a well rounded diet of health food and junk food. I burp so much I don't realize I've burped until I look around and see the appalled and disgusted faces of my fellow New Yorkers.
I've stepped out of the fantasy that teenagers could still think I'm cool. I'm looking more like their mothers and aunts.
Even though I will fight for my right to be less 'lady like' and more 'human', today in the park I burped and a small flock of pigeons flew away. I'm thinking maybe I should at least lower the volume."

I feel all motherly and proud. My girl has done good.


The Girl Who said...

Hello from Brooklyn.. Stumbling around The Internets and landed here! Am a sucker for pet pics.

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

Thank you bobette, (can I call you that here?) I blushed from your kind words.
Oh If I can only be as interesting as you by talking about other things than just myself. Only Child Syndrome. Besides it takes so little effort for you to be interesting.

MrsFortune said...

"the appalled and disgusted faces of my fellow New Yorkers"? She must burp LOUD AS FUCK to make New Yorkers look. Haha ...

I'll check her out! Thanks, I love new blogs.

SUEB0B said...

I have the Youngest Child Syndrome, almost the same thing. Nothing is quite as interesting as me, wonderful me LOL.

Being this fabulously interesting takes practice. And having a fabulously interesting life. Like having a dog that tries to kill the pool robot and an empty freezer LOL. I'm practically Paris Hilton...or not, thank goodness.

spotted elephant said...

I'm so jealous. I can't burp. Well, except for once or twice a year. She is my hero.

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