09 July 2006

Summertime fruit drinkies

Update: I just added a hilarious link to a radio host hanging up on Ann Coulter to Linkateria.

I used to blog a lot about food over at Snackish but have been horribly lazy lately. I plan on getting back into it, after I turn my weedy yard into a garden paradise, detail my car and get my wardrobe in order. Right.

Here's a quick Mexican summer recipe for using up fruit that has gotten too ripe for anything else, or for that last bit of watermelon that is cluttering up the fridge...Most Mexicans hate to waste anything. They are good that way.

You can use any fruit, but classics include watermelon and canteloupe.

Aguas Frescas
2 cups fruit
6 cups water
1/2 cup sugar or to taste, or Splenda if there is something terribly wrong with your head

Puree 1 cup fruit with 2 cups water in the blender. Dump in a pitcher or big jar. Repeat. Add the last 2 cups of water and the sugar, stir until sugar dissolves and taste. Add more sugar in you need to. Chill. Pour over ice in tall glasses. Yum.

Agua de tuna y naranja
This is an agua fresca I made of tunas - cactus fruit - and orange juice. Pretty!

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MrsFortune said...

Ewww! A drink made of tuna???

Oh, wait, that's not what you meant.

It sounds so deelish right now.

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