10 July 2006


It is 9:45 and I should go to bed because I get up at 5:15 a.m.

But it only got good and dark about 45 minutes ago and that doesn't seem like it is enough time between night and sleep.

I want summer vacation again. Not a week. The whole summer.

It doesn't seem quite fair. They give you summer vacation for all your formative years, only to yank the rug out from under you when you become an adult.

I want to yell "But I wasn't raised like this!"

Today on Linkateria: Funny spam subject lines, the DaVinci code explained (almost) and a bit of political enlightenment.


Janet Evening said...

Was the full moon by you, too? I wanted to stay up all night just because it was too nice to sleep!

super des said...

Can I have summer vacation too? I just need a vacation, summer or not.

Laura said...

Dang,,,feels good to be a teacher!

Suzanne said...

What scares me is how many people become teachers not because they care about kids, but because they want summers off. My friend plans to be a school librarian for the same reason.

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