16 January 2007

Four Things

Chantel tagged me for a meme, and just in time, too, since my brain is a rotten hormonal compost pile lately.

Four Things (I think I did this a while back, but I may have been lying at the time).

4 Jobs
Dishwasher - The only job I ever got fired from. I worked too slowly. I have always considered dishwashing a form of meditation. My boss didn't see it that way.
Greenhouse Worker - Dirt. Hot. Cold. Long hours. Hard. New respect for farmworkers. If you have never had to work in the fields, get down on your knees and give thanks for those who do.
Typesetter - For about 6 months before Macintoshes came along, I set type in code, the old fashioned way. Kids these days don't know how good they have it.
Newspaper journalist - My favorite job ever. The person I liked interviewing most: Anthony Bourdain, drop-dead sexy chef. The most amazing: George Foreman. Meeting him made me realize how brave Mohammed Ali was to just step into the ring with him. He is BIG.

4 movies I could watch over and over
Babette's Feast - Food porn at its finest.
Pride and Prejudice - With Colin Firth, naturally.
Office Space - Red Stapler, duh.
The Black Stallion - I'm a big sucker for cinematography

4 places I've vacationed
Phoenix - for baseball Spring Training, thanks to Mr Stapler
Kauai - How much did I like it? I cried getting on the plane to come back to the mainland
Oaxaca, Mexico - see my blog all about it in the sidebar
Chicago - to see my sis

4 websites I visit daily
It is more like 40. Or 70. I have lost count. See my blogroll. And that doesn't even cover it.

4 of my favorite dishes
Curried Peas and Eggplant - my favorite one-pot meal
Chiles Rellenos - You can relleno the chile with pretty much anything and I will love it as long as it is a pasilla and not a disgusting Anaheim chile
Squash Enchiladas - butternut squash mixed with cream cheese and green onions as an enchilada filling. Super yum.
Onion Rings - I love them so much I limit my consumption to once a quarter. Which reminds me - I have not yet eaten Q1 2007's allotment.

4 places I've lived
Gaviota, California - population 99
Joliet, Illinois - Hi, sis
San Luis Obispo, California - for 19 short years. Heaven on earth.
Oaxaca, Mexico - only for 3 weeks, but it seemed like a crazy lifetime

4 places I would rather be
There aren't any 4 specific places. I always like to wake up Anywhere But Here. If I went to Fresno tonight, that would be cool. Or Paris.

4 favorite drinks
Wine - Pinot Noir. The first one I ever tasted was one I made in my viticulture class, and boy was it good
Water - It is supposed to be good for you
Coffee - Mostly decaf from Peet's
Minty Lime Coolers - Frappe the hell out of mint, lime juice, and sugar. Mix with soda water.

4 wishes
Love - Someday I will figure out what it takes to make a loving, happy relationship with the opposite sex. (I stole this from Chantel).
Travel - Lots of it
Job - Something that makes me happy and makes the world a better place.
Food - I love delicious food.

4 regrets
That I am such a generalist. I am interested in everything. It makes me fun to talk to, but it doesn't pay well.
That I am so out of shape.
That I never finished college the first time around.
That I never figured out the hair/clothes/fashion thing. Anything visual is like a foreign language to me.

My own 4

4 favorite dog breeds
Big Short-haired mutts
German Shorthaired Pointers
Queensland Heelers

Oh! 4 people I'm tagging
Lisa - Midwestern Mommy
Cheerios and Chickens


super des said...

Why do you wish you were in Fresno? You're weird.

I guess this'll give me something to do at work today.

QT said...

Anyone that can parse chiles and dogs in their meme is a person worth looking up to in my book! Great meme, great answers!

Lynnea said...

Ah, I've missed your blog. I've been quite the slacker lately, but its nice being back. I worked in a nursery for my first job - in the summer. Tough work. But they did let me drive a a little front loader - that was cool!

Anonymous said...

I will love you forever if you send me the squash enchilada recipe - those sound amazing. Also, yay for german shorthaired pointers! My nephew (dog) is one of those and he's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Dude! You interviewed Anthony Bourdain!? OMG! I read his first book before anyone knew who he was. And, get this - I actually slept with someone primarily because they reminded me so much of him. Yes, tragic, I know. Too bad it wasn't actually him - would have made the heartbreak worth it at least.

ecogrrl said...

Mmmm, the squash enchiladas sound amazing.

Unknown said...

Anthony Bourdain is ONE of my imaginary boyfriends. Could you imagine with the way I drink and the way he drinks how we would be together.
Hilarious thought.

Mignon said...

Me? Thanks - I feel like I win a special award whenever I'm tagged. I did the 4 Things in March - http://openingyourmind.blogspot.com/2006/03/tagged-by-everclever-mooalex-for-this.html

And I said Black Stallion too!! and more!!!!

I think your Minty Lime concoction is missing a key ingredient... *cough*TEQUILA*cough*

Anonymous said...

Like the song says..."Regrets, I've had a few.."

Favorite place besides home? New York City.

Alex Elliot said...

Wow, Joliet Il? I'm grew up in Wilmette and have spent a lot of time in Joliet because that's where my aunt and her family live. I try to visit there at least once a year.

SUEB0B said...

Mignon - I didn't mention that the Minty Lime Cooler is actually best with Gin!! I was trying to make myself sound like less of a drunk.

SUEB0B said...

Alex - Make sure to get to Amanacer Tapatio Mexican restaurant if you get a chance. It is famous, and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

so tickled to be tagged!!!
Thanks sue bob!!

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