04 April 2006

Life among the links

To keep up my Doggy Blogger cred, here is the daily dog photo:

Goldie is making sure that the pool robot vacuum does not, somehow, this time, escape the confines of the pool. It never has, but you never know. This activity can keep her busy for hours.


I am dogsitting at Mr. Stapler's house. Consider this comparison. My freezer:

Ok, it's a mess, but you could get a full meal out of there, which is the POINT of having a freezer, isn't it??

There's our good friend frozen pizza; some pot stickers; our favorite snack, edamame (soybeans in the pod); a tofutti "ice cream" sandwich for dessert; and most important, the active ingredient of a gin and tonic, Gin.

Now, observe the horror that is Mr Stapler's freezer:

Huh? And he's a bachelor? Where are the frozen burritos? The Hungry Man dinners? Ice cream? Nope. He is some kind of mutant. And all of the other cabinets are equally bare. What is a girl supposed to do for a snack around here? The dog biscuits are starting to look kind of tasty.


It was a cheery day for us raving liberals, wasn't it, what with the evil Tom DeLay announcing that he has put an end to his criminal activities decided to retire from politics. It made me start wondering how many other Republicans have been been caught up in scandals lately. Luckily a link from The Randi Rhodes Show website to The Wayne Madsen Report GOP Scandal Scorecard gives a state-by-state analysis. Does this list show, as a prosecuting attorney would say "a pattern of criminal behavior"?


Here is yet another reason for me to love the Dalai Lama. This quote is from an interview in the Shambhala Sun, a really great Buddhist magazine.
My last question: Your Holiness has always been so good at finding a blessing or a teaching in anything that happens, even in suffering. I was wondering, what is the saddest thing that's happened to you in your life ?

I think when I left the Norbulingka for exile that late night, and I left behind some of my close friends, and one dog.
The Dalai Lama's saddest moment was leaving behind a dog? How sweet is that? It really brought a tear to my eye.


If you travel and like good food, or if you just stay in one place and like good food, check out Chowhound a message board for food fanatics. You can see what restaurants are great, find weird ingredients, or ask any food-related question you can think of. The chowfolks will help you out.


Go Fug Yourself is like dessert to me. A tiny perfect petit-four at the end of my blog surfing, it always makes my day. The combination of great writing AND making fun of weird celebrity outfits is my favorite low-calorie treat.


Jen said...

Great Blog
Love the name!

(Check out My Stapler Post, March 22nd)
Casual Slack

J.R. Kinnard said...

I think this is the first day in nearly 6 years it's felt good to be a liberal.

Anonymous said...

There was a lot in that one.

First, how do you like writing in red? I'm just curious since I think it's pretty kewl. I'm like IS IT ALL A LINK? LOL

Anyway, yay for the demmies - I'm married to a military man myself - but I pretend not to notice... heh.

IzzyMom said...

Good riddance to Tom DeLay. On days like today, I'm convinced that there is, in fact, a God.

Christina said...

DeLay, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Oh wait, LET it hit you in the ass!

That's one empty-lookin' freezer. The last time mine looked like that was the day we bought it.

MrsFortune said...

You're right, he is a total mutant. That's gotta be in the guiness book, right? For single man with least number of items in the freezer? People with freezers like that make me feel guilty, because I have this idea that they eat something fresh every night.

Mm... petit-fours.

noncommon said...

first off, I WANT A POOL DAMMIT!!!
second, the freezer thing is really quite humorous - go buy that man some food. third, thank god the corrupted house of republican cards is falling. not only are the icky ones dropping like flies, but a lot of the dummies who voted for "them" are finally seeing the error of their ways. tomorrow's a new day, my liberal friends. yee-haw!

SUEB0B said...

Jen, yes, loved the stapler post.

JR, Kristen, Izzy, Christina, Cameo - let us all get some aerobic exercise by doing a happy dance.

Christina and Mrs. F - the two items in the freezer are a pound of coffee I left there in case of caffeine emergency (he doesn't drink coffee) and some basil cubes. Don't feel so bad - he does NOT make food fresh. He eats out or makes canned soup or a pita with some deli chicken in it.

Cameo - doesn't the pool look so blue and lovely? It is, in fact, a money-sucking hole. It is so expensive to heat that no one ever swims except in July and August, but someone has to clean it ALL YEAR ROUND. I do love to look out and admire it...thought it taunts me.

dizzle rivera said...

Good girl, Goldie.
Yo, Sue, here's some sucky news, but I don't now if I'm going to BlogHer now. MOTHERF--. My husband is not letting me blog about it (the shackles!), but it seems we will (most likely) be moving that weekend. I was like, That weekend? Anyway, more later . . .thanks for all your great comments. Today's was important because what you said is one of the main reasons I'm so open with the girls. thanks again.

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